In this article we will describe:

To see more about holding Meetings with Intermedia AnyMeeting read the Intermedia AnyMeeting guide.

Launch Meeting

There are two ways to start a meeting:

  • You may invite chat members to a meeting using the Meet Now button. See this article for detailed instructions. 
    Note: this option allows you to start meeting with other Users on your account who have Intermedia Unite enabled.

  • To start a meeting with external attendees, navigate to the Meeting tab. Provide potential attendees with the meeting information: meeting URL, phone number and PIN.
    Click START MY MEETING. A meeting will be opened in a new window. 


Note: if your interface differs from the one above, you are using a previous app version. Read the article on How To Upgrade App for more information.

From the Meeting tab the following features are available:

  • Edit your Meeting URL: personalized URL makes it easy for others to join your meeting.
  • Copy info
  • Send via email button automatically creates an email in your desktop mail client with Meeting info.

Note: if you try to start a new meeting while an active meeting is already opened via Web Browser or Intermedia AnyMeeting Desktop Application, you will get the following error message: This email is already in use. Please make sure you are not already logged in to a meeting.

Once meeting is initiated you will be provided with Dial-In information for the conference bridge. 

Dial in

Click Done to close the window.  Meeting has been started.  


User could be automatically connected to the conference bridge when starting or joining a Meeting from Intermedia Unite desktop application:

  1. Click on User profile picture.
  2. Switch to Meeting settings tab.
  3. Check box for Automatically dial-in when entering the meeting.
  4. Save changes.

auto dial-in

When automatical dial-in is enabled, once User is starting or joining the meeting, conference bridge number and PIN will be automatically dialed from the Intermedia Unite desktop application.

Note: if there is an active Intermedia Unite call, automatic dial-in will not happen.

Meeting Features

  • Built-in Audio Conferencing: includes a conference call number and PIN codes, so participants can join by phone or computer.
  • HD Video Conferencing: 720p HD Video Conferencing with up to 12 webcams
  • Screen Sharing
  • Load and share slides and videos
  • Take Meeting notes / Notes are emailed to all participants at the end of the meeting
  • Lock meetings so no new participants can join (available to Host)


  • Meeting Starter included into Intermedia Unite supports up to 4 participants.
  • Meeting Pro included into Intermedia Unite Pro includes a license for 30 participants
  • Both can be upgraded for individual users who need to host larger meetings