In this article we will describe:

To see more about holding Meetings with Intermedia AnyMeeting read the Intermedia AnyMeeting guide.

Launch Meeting

There are two ways to start a meeting:

  • To start a meeting with external attendees, navigate to the Meeting tab. Provide potential attendees with the meeting information: meeting URL, phone number and PIN.
    Click Start My Meeting. A meeting will be opened in a new window. 
  • You may invite chat members to a meeting using the Meet Now button. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Chat Feature Overview for detailed instructions. 
    Note: this option allows you to start meeting with other Users on your account who have Intermedia Unite enabled.

Note: if your interface differs from the one above, you are using a previous app version. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop App: How To Upgrade App for more information.

From the Meeting tab, the following features are available:

  • Edit your Meeting URL: personalized URL makes it easy for others to join your meeting.
  • Copy info: copies your meeting URL and dial-in information to paste into an email, chat or other messenger.
  • Send via email button automatically creates an email in your desktop mail client with Meeting info.

Note: if you try to start a new meeting while an active meeting is already opened via Web Browser or Intermedia AnyMeeting Desktop Application, you will get the following error message: This email is already in use. Please make sure you are not already logged in to a meeting.

Once the meeting is initiated you will be provided with Dial-In information for the conference bridge. 

Dial in

Once you have entered your Audio PIN to pair, this window will close automatically.


To be automatically connected to the conference bridge when starting or joining a Meeting from Intermedia Unite desktop application:

  1. Click on Meetings tab on the left
  2. Check the box for Automatically dial-in.

When Automatically dial-in is enabled, the conference bridge number and PIN will be automatically dialed from the Intermedia Unite desktop application.

Note: if there is an active Intermedia Unite call on your phone, automatic dial-in will not be able to dial you into the bridge.

Meeting History

The Meeting history button allows you to view your past meetings. From that page, you can:

  • filter your meetings by date
  • archive your meetings
  • see more options for a selected meeting

Meeting Features

  • Integrated Audio Conferencing: includes a conference call number and PIN codes, so participants can join by phone or choose computer audio.
  • HD Video Conferencing: 720p HD Video Conferencing with up to 12 webcams
  • Screen Sharing & MP4 Playback
  • Take Meeting Notes: notes are emailed to all participants at the end of the meeting
  • Lock meetings so no new participants can join (available to Host)
  • Meeting Recording (available for Pro plans only)
  • Virtual Assistant: automatically transcribe your meetings with our AI
  • Screen Annotation: write on each other’s screens to highlight talk points
  • Calendar integration: integrate meetings invites added to your calendar with Intermedia AnyMeeting app

Noteto schedule a meeting for a future date you need to log in to the Intermedia AnyMeeting website here.

To see more information about Meeting features with Intermedia AnyMeeting, read our Knowledge Base article on Intermedia AnyMeeting.