You may start a new call by clicking on phone icon near the contact, or navigating to Dial Pad.

Dial Pad

In the Dial Pad start entering phone or extension number. Mobile application will search for the results if the contact exists in your contact directory. To dial someone from your contact directory simply click on the handset icon netx to that person.

New Call

Important technical consideration: 

  • For all Android devices currently using connection service (starting from API level 23, Android 6.0) there is currently a possibility to have multiple ongoing calls only from a single application.

  • This specifically means that a user cannot have simultaneous ongoing calls from GSM & Intermedia Unite apps or from multiple 3rd party apps (like Skype & WhatsApp, etc). These limitations are described here:

  • This is the system-level limitation, not related to a specific calling app. For example, GSM call will be forced to end when Intermedia Unite incoming call arrives and is answered.