After you dial a number and a call is established, you can perform the following actions:

iOS Android
iOS Android
  • Mute a microphone
  • Flip the call
  • Use a keypad 
  • Put the call on a hold
  • Put the call on a speaker
  • Use More button for the following options:
    • Warm/Blind transfer the call
      • Blind transfer allows you to automatically transfer the call to another party without having a conversation with this party. For blind transfer: while on active call press More button > Choose Transfer Call > Enter the phone number or choose from the Contacts list.
      • Warm transfer allows you to consult with the party to which you are transferring a call before completing the transfer. To proceed with warm transfer: while on active call press + button > Enter the number manually or choose from the list of contacts > Press Call button > You first call meanwhile will be placed on hold > Your second call with Caller 2 will be established > Press More button > Choose Transfer to Caller.
    • Park the call
    • Add the call
      You can add a contact from your contacts list as well as dial any number using a keypad.
iOS Android
iOS Android

Once you added the second call into your conversation, as additional you can do the following options:

  • Swap two calls
    When you are on two calls click Swap calls to put on hold active call and return to the second call that was on hold.
  • Establish a Conference
    • Press + button > Choose the contact from the list or enter the number manually > Press Call > You will be connected with the Caller 2 > Press More > Make Conference. After the Conference is established you can separate the two calls back.
      Note: Maximum number of callers to participate in a conference is 3. In case if you have more than 2 active calls the option Make Conference won't appear under More.
  • Transfer the call to the first number you established the call with.
iOS Android
iOS Android