Important: If you are trying to deploy Intermedia Unite to multiple workstations, see our mass deployment best practices.

This article describes the process of Desktop app installation on Windows. Supported versions are:

  • Windows 7 and later versions (earlier versions do not support Electron apps), incompatible with Windows Server.
  • 64-bit (32-bit versions are not supported)

Note: spellcheck feature is not supported on Windows 7.

Per-user vs Admin-rights installation

  • The desktop app generally does not require admin rights for either the initial install or subsequent updates
  • The Intermedia Unite Outlook integration installation requires admin rights
  • We recommend installing the desktop app as a per-user installation without admin rights, and using GP or other remote deployment tools to deploy the Intermedia Unite Outlook plugin integration bits.

Install Intermedia Unite Desktop App for Windows

  1. Download the application via the following link:


  2. Run the previously downloaded file.

  3. Accept the License Service Agreement and follow the installation steps.

  4. Here you can select if all users will be able to use the application on the PC or just you. 

  5. Log in with your Intermedia Unite user credentials (your email address and password).

    log in

    log in2

     Note: if you don't remember your password, you can reset it using the Forgot password option on the login page for My Services, in case this option is allowed for you by your Administrator. Your account Administrator could reset user password in HostPilotĀ® Control Panel:
    1. Navigate to Voice Services > Users
    2. Click the user name and on User info tab
    3. Click on Reset password.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on Managing Intermedia Unite Users for more information. If you experience an issue with entering the app, follow these troubleshooting steps.

    Note: If you see the following 2FA prompt, this means that two-factor authentication is enabled for you by the administrator:
    Read the knowledge base article on How To Use Two-Factor Authentication To Access Intermedia Unite or SecuriSync for more information 

  6. Select the Softphone or Call Controller mode and click Start.

    The Softphone mode allows to place and receive calls from your PC using the PC speaker and microphone or the external speaker and microphone.
    The Call Controller mode allows you to control your desk phone remotely for placing, transferring and parking calls. 

    Important: If the application was installed by an Admin for all users on the machine it couldn't be updated by User without admin rights.

    Details about Softphone or Call Controller mode

    select mode
    It may take some time for the application to collect info about users in your organization, so you may see spinning circle during the load time. Once it is finished, you will see the notification below:

    Search for a contact, click on it and start a Chat or a Call. Contacts you have clicked on will be added to the Roster on the left hand. Review Intermedia Unite Desktop App Knowledge Base articles for further details.

Uninstall Intermedia Unite Desktop App for Windows

  1. Navigate to the Control panel > Programs > Uninstall a program > select the Intermedia Unite Application > click Uninstall.

Enable Intermedia Unite Outlook integration

Important: Admin Rights are required in order to enable Integration. If users don’t have admin rights, refer to the Intermedia Unite Outlook integration article for admin-lead mass deployment of this feature. 

Click on your user icon in Intermedia Unite > Integrations, check the box for Microsoft Outlook integration, click Save Changes.

Confirmation with Windows admin permissions will be asked. On successful enablement, user will see Changes Saved notification and checkmark. Outlook restart is required to start using the Integration.

Install Intermedia AnyMeeting Calendar plugin

Admins can mass-enable the plugin using the best practices provided below: