In the Intermedia Unite desktop application you have numerous options to manage your current call.

These options are available on both inbound and outbound calls. You can refer to the article Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Start A New Call for more information on how to start calls.

Available options depend on the current application mode. The application can be in two different modes: Softphone and Call Controller mode. The article Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Call Controller and Softphone modes gives more detail on differences betwen these modes.

  • In the Softphone mode, you will have the full list of options:
    1. Mute your microphone (Softphone mode only)
    2. Place the call on Hold (Softphone mode only)
    3. Open the Keypad (Softphone mode only)
    4. Flip the call
    5. Park the call
    6. Transfer the call
    7. Add a call and Merge calls
    8. Finish the call
  • In the Call Controller mode, you can:
    1. Flip the call
    2. Park the call
    3. Transfer the call
    4. Finish the call

Calls on Hold

When you place the call on hold, the call is paused, and the audio stops for you. Another party will hear the music on hold (you can learn more about the music on hold in the article How to change Music on Hold on Intermedia Unite).

Keypad and Park options will not be available during the Hold:


You can click the Resume button to unpause the call.

Keypad option

The Keypad option allows you to quickly open the keypad during the call.


Note: the keypad will not take the digits input in case there is no microphone connected to the app or if the microphone was connected but disabled.

How to Transfer a Call

For corporate contacts, you can check the contact card and transfer to one of the phone numbers for the contact. It is possible to choose the number to transfer to in case a contact has several.

Otherwise, you can use the keypad to manually type the preferred number.

Intermedia Unite Desktop application provides 3 options for transferring calls:

  • Warm transfer allows you to consult with the party you are transferring a call to before completing the transfer. For a warm transfer:
    1. While on an active, call press Transfer
    2. Select a contact or use the keypad to enter a phone number
    3. Click on the Warm Transfer icon. Your first call will be placed on hold, you will receive an incoming call from Caller 2; you will then need to select the Answer button to establish a call with caller 2
    4. Click on the Complete button to transfer the call
  • Blind transfer allows you to transfer the call without having a conversation with another party. For a blind transfer:
    1. While on an active call, press Transfer
    2. Select a contact or use the keypad to enter a phone number
    3. Click on the Blind Transfer icon
  • Transfer to voicemail
    1. While on an active call, press Transfer
    2. Select the Transfer to voicemail icon
      Note: you can transfer a call to the Voicemail only for corporate contacts within your organization

If a recipient has several numbers assigned, you may select which number to transfer the call to.

  1. Click on the contact's name
  2. Select the phone number
  3. Select the desired transfer type.

How to Add and Merge Calls

Adding a new call over an active one and merging them together creates a 3-way call.

To add a new call press Add Call while on an active calladd

To merge two calls together press Merge Callsmerge

For more information about 3-Way Calling please refer to this article.

How to Park a Call

Call parking allows you to place the caller on hold on reserved extensions, so you or your coworkers can pick it up from another phone.

To park a call:

  1. While on an active call, press the Park icon on the screen
  2. You will hear an announcement telling you which extension your call is parked on.
    It will also show up on the screen
    Note: extension numbers 980-989, 9980-9989, or 99980-99989, depending on the type of extensions dialing, are reserved for parked calls
  3. Tell your coworkers which extension the call is parked on
  4. To pick up the call, you or your coworker can dial the extension the call is parked on

Note: after 60 seconds of a call being parked it will ring back at the original phone. If not answered, the call will be routed to voicemail.

How to Flip a Call

Call Flip allows you to continue the current active call using a different device.

While on an active call: click on the Flip button.

  1. The call will be placed on hold
  2. All other devices assigned to this user will start ringing.
  3. You can pick up the call and continue the conversation on a different device.

More information on the Call Flip