In the Intermedia Unite desktop application users can search corporate contacts to start a call or a chat conversation.

Note: click here to find out how to integrate Exchange Active Directory and Company Contacts with Intermedia Unite Desktop App

Conversation list

You can see the existing conversation list at the left part of the screen.

Note: Only contacts you previously chatted with or added to Favorites are displayed in the Conversation list. Once you search for a contact and send or receive at least one message, the conversation would appear permanently.

Call History

If you wish to check the call history, check the History tab. You can find more in the Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Call History


You can search for contacts by any parameters, such as first name, last name, job title, position, department, or email address.

The search has two sections: Contacts and Groups.

Note:  The Group search uses the name of the group and names of the chat members as search paraments.

You can cancel the search by pressing the X symbol. This will return the chat list to the default view.

Starting a chat or a call

Once you find the contact using the search field, click on the contact. This will open the chat window.

Note: You can find more about chats in the Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Chat Feature Overview article.

You can either start chatting with the contact or use the call button to start a call:


You can mark both group and one-on-one chats as Favorites using the designated button.


  • favorited contacts/chats are displayed on the top of the chat list.
  • there is a difference between Favorite chats and pinned chats from mobile applications. One-on-one chats that are marked as Favorite are shared between the desktop and mobile application. Group chats Favorited in the desktop applications are not shared with the mobile application. One-on-one and group chats pinned in the mobile application are not shared with the desktop application.

Dialpad menu

You can use the Dialpad menu to search for contacts and start calls. It displays all your corporate contacts by default. You can call by entering the phone number, or you can just click on the Call button near a contact to start a call. If you hover over the contact portrait, you can see the contact information together with the Chat button.


Contact information

You can check various Contact Information, such as phone numbers, extensions, their position, their  department, and their email address, by hovering your mouse over the Contact icon.