Silent mode is the tool for users who don’t want to be disturbed during the night with calls coming to work numbers. Silent mode hides calls that are coming via Intermedia Unite app:

  • No sound
  • No vibration
  • No screen indication

To enable Silent Mode:

  1. Navigate to My Account (gear icon).
  2. Select Silent Mode > click Enable for Silent Mode.



  • it only affects calls that are coming via Intermedia Unite application. Calls coming via cellphone (SIM card) are not affected
  • it only affects Mobile device on which Silent mode was enabled. It doesn’t affect desk phones and other calling devices attached to the same user: they will ring
  • Follow Me Forwarding rules will remain intact
  • user Presence indication will remain intact
  • call will be listed in Missed calls
  • for a caller this will look like there was no answer

History tab shows Silent mode indication if it is enabled: