Silent mode is the tool for users who don’t want to be disturbed during the night or on the vacation with calls, voicemail, message and missed calls notifications coming to work numbers. 

To enable Silent Mode:

  1. Navigate to My Account (your profile picture).
  2. Select Silent Mode > click Enable for Silent Mode. 
    Android iOS
  3. Set Schedule to specify the time when the notifications should be disabled and enabled automatically. Silent mode will be turned on at the chosen day in Repeat at the Start Time, notifications from Events will be suppressed until the End time.
    Android iOS


      • It only affects events that are coming via Intermedia Unite application. Calls coming via cellphone (SIM card) are not affected.
      • Find Me Follow Me Forwarding rules will remain intact.
      • User Presence indication will remain intact.
      • Silent mode works per device. The other devices are not affected when the feature is enabled on one of the phones.