You can record your voicemail greeting via Intermedia Unite Mobile Application.

Log in to your Intermedia Unite Mobile Application > My account > Voicemail > Greeting. Here you can Record custom greeting, Replace custom greeting, or change it back to Default greeting.

To record custom greetings simply click Record custom greeting, then hit Tap to record and start recording.


Greeting Options iOS


Greeting Options Android

Once recording is completed, hit Tap to stop recording. Your recording will be saved and displayed as Custom greeting. To listen to your greeting press Play button.

Note: The maximum greeting length is 60 seconds. Once the limit is reached, the recording will be saved automatically.

To re-record your greeting click on Replace custom greeting, hit Tap to record and start recording.

Android iOS
Replace custom greeting iOS Replace custom greeting Android


  • you cannot store more then one custom greeting at the same time. The new custom greeting will always overwrite the old one.
  • once you switch back to default greeting from your custom one, the custom greeting will be removed.