This article describes features available for chat on mobile devices.

Manage Group chat name and the list of participants 

Once the group chat has been created it is possible to have a chat name and the list of participants changed. 

Note: if you clear the manually-defined name and will not enter a new one, the system will automatically assign a generic name to it.

To manage an existing group chat, tap Options > Manage

Android iOS

Manage chat name


Manage chat name


Manage chat participants list


Manage chat participants list

Chat history

  • Full chat history is retained indefinitely allowing users to access past conversations. All chat members have access to full chat history;
  • Chat history is synced across all devices;
  • The messages are encrypted when transferred and at rest;
  • At this point, the chat history can't be cleared to prevent losing critical information.
    Note: cached data can be removed from device if the Intermedia Unite Mobile app is removed.

Pin chat to top

Chats can be pinned: they will be displayed on the top of the chat list. 

Note: Pin preferences are not synchronized between user's devices and are unique for each device. Also, unlike the desktop application, the mobile application won't display the chats you have with the contacts from the favorites list at the top of your screen.

The chat can be pinned:

  • From the chats screen

Android iOS
Tap and hold the conversation you would like to be pinned and then press the Pin action at the top right corner of the screen. Swipe the chat to the left and tap the Pin action.
PiningChatScreenA PiningChatScreeniOS
  • From the conversation itself

Tap Options > Pin.

Android iOS
PiningConversation PinningConversationiOS

Mute chat

Mute functionality allows you to disable receiving notifications for the specified chats. This setting won't be synchronized between devices and is unique for each. It is possible to mute conversations. Both from the Chats screen and from the conversations themselves.

The chat can be muted:

  • From the chats screen
Android iOS
Tap and hold the conversation you would like to be muted and then press the Mute action at the top right corner of the screen. Swipe the chat to the left and tap the Mute action.
MutingChatsScreenA MutingChatsScreeniOS
  • From the conversation itself

Tap Options > Mute

Android iOS
MuteFromConversartion MuteFromConversationiOS

Leave Group Chat

Group Chat members can leave the chat Group, or they can be removed by other chat members, as every member of the Group has equal permissions. Once a user left the Group chat, access to its history will be lost for this user. If this user will be added back to the Group chat, whole conversation history of this chat will be displayed for the previously removed user.

There are several ways to leave Group chat:

  • Tap Options> Leave> hit Ok to confirm.
    on Android:
    on iOS:
  • Tap Options> Manage  or  tap Group chat name> hit Exit icon and Ok to confirm.
    on Android:
    on iOS:

This chat will disappear from your chat list. Other chat members will see a notification that user has been removed:

On Android On iOS
removed_and removed_ios