If you are unable to find a contact in Intermedia Unite application, review the cases below to find appropriate resolution for the issue you are experiencing.

Scenario 1:

  • Contacts are not syncing from the mobile device to Intermedia Unite mobile app
  • Changes in the native address book are not propagated to Intermedia Unite mobile app


  1. Try to find this contact in your Address book using a native Contacts app.
  2. Check device settings if permissions to access contacts granted for Intermedia Unite mobile application (allow Intermedia Unite Mobile app to access local contacts in Address Book).
    1. Go to Settings of your device (additionally navigate to Apps for Android).
    2. Select Intermedia Unite mobile app.
    3. Allow app to access the contacts (additionally, navigate to Permissions for Android).


Settings iOS


Settings Android

  1. Check that you make changes to the contact on your Primary device. Personal contacts are only synced from Primary device and could be edited exclusively on it.

Knowledge Base article for your reference: Sync Contacts From Mobile

Scenario 2:

  • Contacts appear in Intermedia Unite Mobile app but are not shown in Desktop app


  1. Check that Intermedia Unite Mobile app is started on your Primary device.
  2. Check under Intermedia Unite Mobile app settings that Sync Contacts to Intermedia Unite is enabled.
  3. Sync to other Intermedia Unite applications may take some time. To push the changes, use Sync now.
  4. Check your Intermedia Unite Desktop app version.

Scenario 3:

  • Contact doesn't appear in any Intermedia Unite application


  1. Check with your Account's Admin if the contact you are looking for is created as one of the instances below:
    • Intermedia Unite User with activated Unite
    • Company Contacts or User with at least one phone number added under User Info.
  2. Check suggestions for Scenario 1 and Scenario 2