Get-ExchangeMailboxBackupRequest cmdlet lists mailbox backup files.

Input parameters


Mandatory (R/O)

Default Value
Valid values
1 Authentication Information (all parameters)
2 ActionType PstActionType O Backup operation type
  • None
  • Backup
  • Restore
3 ActionState PstActionState O Backup file state Success
  • InProgress
  • Success
  • Failed
4 IsUnassignedToMailbox bool O Assigned or not assigned to a mailbox backup False
  • True - gets backup files to which mailbox is not assigned
  • False - gets backup files to which mailbox is assigned
5 SortBy string O

Specifies how output will be sorted

Note: by default no sorting is applied

Mailbox, PstFileName, CreationDate, Identity
6 Offset int O The number of the item starting from which the items should be returned 1
7 Count int O The number of the returned items 100

Output parameters

1 Mailbox ADObjectIDInfo Identity of mailbox (GUID)
2 PstFileName string Name of backup file
3 DownloadUrl string URL for backup downloading
4 CreationDate DateTime Date of backup creation
5 Size Decimal Size of backup
6 ActionType PstActionType Backup operation type
7 ActionState PstActionState Backup file state
8 IsAssigned bool Assigned or not assigned to mailbox backup
9 Identity Guid Identity of backup (GUID)

Example of using Get-ExchangeMailboxBackupReques cmdlet

Get-ExchangeMailboxBackupRequest -BackupId 05193A70-8C81-4AB0-8ED5-2A2B8E9EB2E9