Intermedia Unite Desktop App does not allow to create personal contacts. However, as a workaround you can log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and create the additional contact.

Important: It is not possible for end-User to create an additional contact that would be visible only for that User. However Admin can create the additional contacts that would be available for calling and visible to all Users within the organization.

Note: if you have an Exchange Service on your account, Admin can create Company Contacts. If at least one phone number is mentioned, Company Contacts will be available to call for all Users on the account in both Desktop and Mobile applications.

To create a new contact, log in to HostPilot® Control Panel and follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to Users
  2. Click + Create User button
  3. Once user is created fulfill personal information of the user:
    1. Set user name
    2. Set unique a-mail address
    3. Define password
  4. Enable Cloud PBX services
  5. Click Create user button

Create user

Once done, the contact can be found from the Users in the HostPilot® Control Panel.

Users list

Note: The newly created contact will be available for all users within the organization in Intermedia Unite Desktop/Mobile Apps after re-login to the apps.

If you want to assign a phone number to the user, follow the steps below:

  1. Press on the user's display name
  2. Press on Edit user info
  3. Enter the phone number into Home Phone field
  4. Press the Save Changes button

Note: It is not obligatory to assign the number to the user, for the user to appear in contact list

Assign number

Note: If the contact was created via Intermedia Unite mobile app, it will just appear in your native contact directory on the phone, but won't be synchronized with HostPilot® Control Panel either desktop application.