You can place calls using the Intermedia Unite desktop application directly.

  • You can locate the contact you would like to place a call to in either the Contacts or the Calling tab. Press the Call button to start the call.
  • You can use the keypad in the Calling tab to enter the preferred number and start the call directly.

Depending on whether the application is in the Call Controller or the Softphone mode, the call will start differently:

  • In the Call Controller mode, a new call would rind your current device first, and once you pick up the call on your device, the call will be sent to the recipient.
  • While in the Call controller mode, you can pick up calls on the phone device only. The desktop application allows you to either reject the call or to send it to the voicemail.
  • In the Softphone mode, you can place or receive calls directly from your desktop, using the audio devices of your computer.

You can read the Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Call Controller and Softphone Modes article for more information on differences between these modes and available options.

You can have multiple calls running at the same time. You will see active calls in different tabs.


You can switch between these tabs by simply clicking on them.

Note: ringback tones depend on the country assigned in HostPilot. The carrier may change the ringback tone during the call.