This article describes possible issues with the quality of service on Intermedia Unite Mobile app.


  • Calls not being received or placed
  • Low sound quality

Troubleshooting steps

  • Try different network, i.e. switch from cellular data to WI-FI connection.
  • Try different platform, i.e. if the issue appears on iOS device, try to run Intermedia Unite app on Android device

Information to collect

  • Description of the issue: what exactly happens, i.e. calls drop, unable to place a call, line is breaking up, etc.
  • Device model & OS version: usually this info is located under device Settings
  • Intermedia Unite app version: in application navigate to My account (gear icon) > About
  • Network details: what connection you use, i.e. Wi-Fi, cellular data (provider), VPN connection, etc.
  • Application logs: read Knowledge Base article on gathering diagnostic logs for Intermedia Unite Mobile App for instructions.
  • Call example for the last 24 hours:
    Time of call:
    Time Zone:
    Calling Number:
    Called Number:

Contact Voice Support team and provide with the information gathered.