This article describes possible issues with the quality of service on Intermedia Unite Mobile app.


  • Calls not being received or placed
  • Calls being dropped
  • Low sound quality

Troubleshooting steps

  • Terminate the application and relaunch it
  • Perform Logout and repeat Login to the application
  • Try different network, i.e. switch from cellular data to WI-FI connection
  • Try calling the same number through Intermedia Unite Desktop app
  • Try using Enable TLS option in the mobile app
  • If you experience issues while on Wi-Fi, changing DNS servers to Google's (,, or other efficient servers might be a good troubleshooting step from our experience, check the following links for iOS and Android for more information

Information to collect

Do not hesitate to send your feedback through Mobile app. Read Knowledge Base article on gathering diagnostic logs for Intermedia Unite Mobile App for instructions. This will automatically collect the following basic info:

  • Device model
  • OS version 
  • App version 

Please append your feedback with several details:

  • what exactly happens, i.e. calls drop, unable to place a call, line is breaking up, etc.
  • what network connection you use, i.e. Wi-Fi, cellular data (provider), VPN connection, etc.

Contact Voice Support team and provide with the information gathered.