AnyPhone BYOP/Generic SIP Polycom phones (Soundpoint IP and VVX) adopted to the hpbx 3.0 platform (Unite/Elevate) may not function as expected with BLF keys. They can only be programmed locally by the user/site admin/reseller. In testing it was found that programming the BLF keys is rather simple, however when attempting to answer a call, the phone would attempt to pickup the call, but then it would immediately discontinue the action.

It was discovered that the "Call Pickup" function was not being activated during this process. Yes *95 + Ext can be dialed manually and it will indeed work. However some customers may have Polycom phones that are no longer supported by $company and will need to have this function programmed into the phone manually.

However, since Polycom does not have a field within the Web UI to accomplish this, it must be done via the configuration files.


AnyPhone BYOP/Generic SIP Polycom phones (Soundpoint IP and VVX) will not have the following information for call pickup.
-call pickup can be used manually but for BLF keys, this must be added to the config file

Navigate to: WebUI > Utilities > Import & Export Configuration > Export Configuration > Select from the drop down menu "All Configuration (except Device Settings)" > Click on Export.   The file name after saving will appear as "Export_all.cfg."


Edit the above file using any xml editor or google "Notepad ++", download and edit with that. Notepad ++ is the preferred option.

After you have completed editing, upload the file "Export_all.cfg," to WebUI > Utilities > Import & Export Configuration > Import Configuration > select "Export_all.cfg" > Click on the Import button.

The phone will reboot. After it has completed this, either add BLF keys, or test the any existing ones to ensure that Directed Call Pickup is now functioning.

-When testing, it does not seem that the above lines have a specific location for placement with in the configuration file,
it only matters that they are present for directed call pickup to function with BLF keys.