In most support cases, it is important to know how to locate your VoIP device's make and model number in-case the question you are facing is directly related to the device.  

While some devices make it easier to locate the model number, not all devices are created equal and a time will come that you will need this information. 

Below you will find some quick tips in order to quickly find your VoIP devices make and model number.


Polycom phones do not display the model number on the face of the device, however all models have a manufacturer information label on the back, either as a sticker or printed right on the device.

SoundPoint IP 331/335/450/550/560/650/670

You can find the make and model on the back informational sticker; near the bottom of the phone.

VVX 201/300/400/500/501/600/601

The older generation Polycom VVX phones have a sticker on the back of the device that contains the make and model information.

VVX 150/250/350/450

The newer VVX devices have the make and model information printed on a panel, on the back of the device.


T40G, T4S & T4P

All of the Yealink T4x phones have the make and model printed on the face of the device.