Receptionist view provides with a full list of contacts within the user's organization in a dedicated section of Intermedia Unite desktop app.
This functionality may be useful for a person who acts as a Receptionist in the organization and handles incoming calls. It could be enabled through application by each user. Using Receptionist view provides a new convenient way to transfer calls to the target users with efficiency and transparency.

Enabling Receptionist View

Under Application settings check box for Receptionist View.


Note: if you don’t see the Receptionist view checkbox under settings, make sure to upgrade your Intermedia Unite app to the latest version.


Receptionist view has the following features to it:

  • View mode can be filtered by:

    • Favorite contacts: Users and contacts, previously added as "Favorites".
    • Intermedia Unite users: Users with Voice service enabled and extension assigned
    • Company contacts: all Users with at least one number added, Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups and Resources
    • Personal contacts: personal contacts created by User
  • The receptionist can search for the contact by name, phone number, position, department, email, etc.

  • Receptionist view shows the Presence status of Users

  • Transfer options are available: Warm transfer, Blind transfer, and Voicemail transfer
    Note: for any call transfer flow Receptionist view is opened automatically if it is turned on under application settings.

receptionist mode

Receptionist view includes a simplified version of keypad:

  • Users can make or transfer calls to an external phone number.
  • A phone number should be typed in the keypad manually.
  • Simplified keypad does not include search functionality.
  • Calls to an emergency phone number (911) are prohibited.