This article describes troubleshooting steps for the situation when you do not receive notifications for calls or messages to your Intermedia Unite desktop application.

Application settings 

Check that notifications are enabled in the app:

  1. Click on your profile picture > Application Settings.
  2. Check necessary notifications are enabled, adjust if needed.
  3. Save changes.

app settings

Operating System settings 

Check whether quiet hours function is turned on under OS settings.

  • Windows: Settings > Focus Assist.
    Note:  for different Windows versions DnD feature may be called "Quiet hours" or "Focus assist". 
  • Mac: check if the application notifications and Do Not Disturb are enabled: navigate to System Preferences > Notifications > Intermedia Unite > Allow Notifications and System Preferences > Notifications > Do Not Disturb.

When quiet hours are turned on you will expect the following behavior from the Intermedia Unite app notifications:

  • All kind of notifications will be suppressed: pop-ups for new messages and calls, sound notifications.
  • Within the application itself, you will see indicators and counters for new messages and calls as usual.
  • An active call bar will be displayed within the app.
  • This will not make any effect on the desk phone: calls will be received as usual.
  • User status doesn't change.