Note: A single AnyPhone line has a maximum concurrent call capacity of 4 calls. Hardware capacity should also be taken into consideration. This means that 16 line phone will only be able to have 4 concurrent calls, 2 line phone - 2 concurrent calls, 8 line phone - 4 concurrent calls.

Algo 8188 VoIP Speaker

Polycom Trio 8xxx Series Conference Phones

Note: Support of TFTP services/support is limited to the following:

  • providing SIP credentials
  • verifying registration
  • reviewing call examples
  • troubleshooting basic call features (i.e. making/receiving calls, voicemail, transfer, and hold).

Supported phones include SIP phones with a web user interface (Web UI). In these cases, Intermedia will attempt to make the best effort to support basic provisioning and configuration. Support cannot assist with configuring/provisioning a phone in a manner that is not intended to work with our systems including but not limited to:

  • attempting to provision multiple lines/ext. to a single device
  • line presence
  • sidecars.

$company is not liable for phones damaged or deemed non-functional as a result of this support.