Below is a list of AnyPhone BYOP configuration guides for VoIP hardware that has been tested to work, with some functionality, on Intermedia Unite.

Note: A single AnyPhone line has a maximum concurrent call capacity of 4 calls; hardware capacity should be taken into consideration when manually provisioning a VoIP device. This means that 16 line phone will only be able to have 4 concurrent calls, 2 line phone - 2 concurrent calls, 8 line phone - 4 concurrent calls.


Algo 8188 VoIP Speaker

Fanvil X4G

Polycom Trio 8xxx Series Conference Phones

Snom PA-1


Important: For the best experience, use devices identified as supported under the Enhanced BYOP feature.  A reasonable effort will be made to work with any SIP-enabled device within the confines of the AnyPhone BYOP feature, however, these devices have not been certified on the Intermedia Unite network and no guarantees are provided that all voice features will function correctly, or that the device will function at all.

Important: Make sure to set the registration period to <60 seconds while setting up the device to avoid connectivity issues.

Support of TFTP services/support is limited to the following:

  • providing SIP credentials
  • verifying registration
  • reviewing call examples
  • troubleshooting basic call features (i.e. making/receiving calls, voicemail, transfer, and hold).

Supported phones include SIP phones with a web user interface (Web UI). In these cases, Intermedia will attempt to make the best effort to support basic provisioning and configuration. Support cannot assist with configuring/provisioning a phone in a manner that is not intended to work with our systems including but not limited to:

  • attempting to provision multiple lines/ext. to a single device
  • line presence
  • sidecars.

Intermedia is not liable for phones damaged or deemed non-functional as a result of this support.