This article describes how to select attachments for uploading into Intermedia Unite Desktop application chat.
Note: if you do not see the Clip icon in your app to upload files, upgrade the application.

Select attachments

There are two ways to select an attachment for uploading, first open an existing chat or start a new one.

Uploading from within the application

  1. On the bottom of the chat window click on Clip icon.
  2. Choose a file you would like to upload to the chat.
  3. Click on the Open button.

Select File

Uploading through drag and drop

  1. Find the file that you need send on your computer
  2. Select the file by pressing the left mouse button and dragging it into the chat field


Once the file is selected, a progress bar will appear in the chat field on the bottom.

Progress Bar

When the entire progress bar becomes blue, the file is uploaded.

Note: while uploading a file, Typing indication is not shown up for other chat participants.

Attachment requirements

  • Each file must be smaller than 100 MB.
  • Up to 10 files can be attached at the same time.

Upload a screenshot

To upload a screenshot on Windows, simply take a print screen using PrtScn button on your keyboard. Once a screenshot is taken, use CTRL+V buttons combination on your keyboard to upload it into your chat.
On MAC use Command+Shift+3 combination to take a print screen, and Command+V to upload it into your chat.

Delete attachments

To remove uploaded file simply click on X mark from the right-hand side of the attachment.
Note: the attachment will be removed with no confirmation pop-up.

Error while attachments uploading

The attachment uploading can be failed due to attachment requirements mismatch or lack of the Internet connection.

If uploading is failed, the progress bar will become red, which represents an error. Retry option will appear on the attachment. Send button will be grayed out.

Uploadind Error

If you try to upload a file you have chosen previously, the file uploaded earlier will become yellow (highlighted).

The same file uploading