Intermedia Unite Desktop application allows sending files as attachments in chat messages.

Note: Attachments cannot be sent via SMS.

There are two ways to upload an attachment, directly from within the application or by drag and drop:

  1. Open the application
  2. Go to an active chat session or create a new one
  3. Click on the File button in the lower left corner
  4. Choose a file on the computer
  5. Click on the arrow sign in the lower right corner.


  1. Open the application
  2. Go to an active chat session or create a new one
  3. Locate the needed file on your computer
  4. Select the file and with the left mouse button drag and drop into the chat window


The text is not mandatory and a file can be sent as an independent message.
Note: Attachments should be sent one by one, each attachment in a separate message.

When you send a picture in your chat, a thumbnail of a picture will appear above the download link:


Attachments In Chat History And Chat List

Once the message is sent, it will be displayed in a chat having a delivery status. If the delivery failed, there will be a Retry option.

All sent attachments are stored in the chat history along with their:

  • Delivery status
  • File types
  • File names
  • File timestamp
  • File size

Note: If the file has not been downloaded yet, it will be displayed with an action icon.

In a chat list, you can see chats where last messages contained attachments, names of the attached files and type-specific file icons. The counter of new messages will indicate if there are several messages in the chat, however, only the information about the last received file will be displayed in the chat list.

Chat Notifications And Missed Messages Emails

When you receive a message with an attachment, the application will send you a notification with the sender’s name or the group’s chat, a file-type icon and a file name.

If the message with the attachment was missed, you will receive an email notification. The email will contain the sender’s name, the file icon and the information that the unread message has a file attached. The actual files will not be attached to the email notification and can be viewed in the application.


Downloading Chat Attachments

To open received attachments, users of Intermedia Unite Desktop App need to download them by clicking on the downloading control buttons.
When it comes to downloading pictures, to start a download you may click on a thumbnail as well.

Key Points:

  • When the downloading starts, the progress will be displayed in a chat.
  • Multiple downloads at the same time are supported.
  • The process can be terminated at any time.
  • The user will still be able to send and receive other messages while the downloading is in progress.

Note: If the user decides to go to the other chat, the downloading process will be continued. If the computer locks when the downloading is in progress, the process continues. If the process was paused or failed, it can be restarted.

Downloaded files have no downloading control buttons. If the file was downloaded and then deleted from the computer, all control buttons will return back.

How To View Downloaded Attachments

When the download process is completed, the user can tap on the file bubble to open it. The computer will present the standard share/open file menu where the user can choose the application that is used with this file type.