This article describes how to select attachments for uploading into Intermedia Unite Mobile application chat. Note: if you do not see the Clip icon in your app to upload files, upgrade the application.

Select attachments

To select an attachment for uploading, open an existing chat or start a new one.


  1. On the bottom of the chat window click on Clip icon.
  2. Choose the option:
    • To upload Photo or Video
    • To take Photo or Video
    • To upload File
  3. Click on the Upload button.

Select File iOS


  1. On the bottom of the chat window click on Clip icon.
  2. Choose the option:
    • Choose file
    • Choose from gallery
    • Take photo
    • Take video
  3. The file will be uploaded automatically.

Note: if you choose to take photo or video, you will have an ability to preview and retry to take it in case you are not satisfied by photo or video.

Select File Android

Note: If an album does not contain any images or video files, you will get a warning that there are no photos or videos available.

Attachment requirements

  • Each file must be smaller than 100 MB.
  • Up to 10 files can be attached at the same time.

Upload attachments

Each uploading file contains the following information:

  • File icon (for images, there is file preview instead of the icon).
  • File name (could be truncated to fit file icon/preview size).

Send button is locked until attachment is fully uploaded and ready to be sent. Once an attachment is uploaded, Send button becomes blue. Note: while multiple file uploading, Send button becomes available only when all selected filed are uploaded.


Upload File iOS


Upload File Android

Note: while uploading a file, typing indication is not shown up for other chat participants.

Error while attachments uploading

The attachment uploading can be failed due to

Delete attachments

To remove uploaded files simply click on X mark from the upper-right corner of the attachment. The attachment will be removed with no confirmation pop-up.

Switching to another chat

If you switch to another chat file uploading will be continued. No notifications are sent once file uploading is finished.