This article describes the troubleshooting steps for issues with Outlook Integration with Intermedia Unite desktop app.

Some of the issues that you might encounter include:

  • Presence is not available or incorrect in Outlook application;
  • Calls initiated via Outlook are not placed via Intermedia Unite Desktop application;
  • Click-to-chat functionality does not initiate a chat via Intermedia Unite Desktop application.

To troubleshoot Outlook integration issues follow the steps listed below one by one and see if the problem persists after each step:

  1. Verify that the latest version of Intermedia Unite is installed. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop App: How To Upgrade App for more information.
  2. Verify that Microsoft Outlook integration is enabled. To check this in the Intermedia Unite Desktop app click on your Profile picture > Integrations. If Microsoft Outlook integration box is not checked, check it to enable the integration.
    Important: Admin Rights are required for Intergation installation.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop App: Outlook Integration for more information.

  3. Make sure that your computer and your Outlook meet the System Requirements.
    Note: Intermedia Unite Desktop integration with Outlook is only available for Windows.
  4. Check if  UniteOfficeIntegration  process, which is responsible for integration, is running on your machine. It can be found in Task Manager > Processes in the list of Background processes or in the list of Apps under the main Intermedia Unite process. If the process is not running, restart Intermedia Unite Desktop app and Outlook.

    Task Manager

  5. Check if there are any programs that could be conflicting with Intermedia Unite for Outlook integration, like Skype for Business. In this case, the program that was installed the latest takes over the integration. If you installed such software after enabling Intermedia Unite Desktop integration with Outlook, try re-enabling the integration or check with the software provider if their integration can be disabled.
  6. If a call initiated via Outlook goes to another IM (e.g Skype/Lync), then the registry change is needed.
    • Open regedit: to do so, click the Start button and then in the Start Menu, either in the Run box or in the Search box, type regedit and press Enter. Create the registry backupNote: you can skip this step, however, we highly recommend to back up the registry before you proceed to modifying its entries.


    • Navigate to \HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\IM Providers
    • Change DefaultIMApp to DesktopCommunicator


    • Change PreviousImProvider - Skype or Lync, depending on what you have.


    • Please note, the registry will only look like that if you already have Intermedia Unite Outlook integration enabled.
    • Reboot your Outlook and Intermedia Unite.

In case if these steps do not resolve the issue, collect Intermedia Unite Desktop application logs and provide them to Support with a detailed description of the issue for further investigation. Read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Application: Collecting Client Logs for more information.