For more information about Intermedia Unite Desktop Application read the Knowledge Base article on Intermedia Unite Desktop Application guide.

To see more about holding Meetings with Intermedia AnyMeeting read the Intermedia AnyMeeting guide.


  • Remote Control requires that you have the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application installed to grant Remote Control to others.
  • Chrome web browser is supported to receive Remote Control capabilities but may not initiate Remote Control.

To start Remote Control from the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application:

Note: for Remote Control to function on a Mac OS, you may be asked to grant access to the Intermedia Unite App in the Security & Privacy Preferences settings. 

1. Navigate to Meeting tab and click Start My Meeting.
Enter my meeting

Note: if you click Start My Meeting while an active meeting is already open, you will get an error message: This email is already in use. Please make sure you are not already logged in to a meeting.

2. To allow Remote Control, start Screen Sharing first.
Screen share

3. Once screen sharing starts, you may choose to grant Remote Control by clicking the button.  All those eligible to grant Remote Control will be shown in the list.
Give control

The person that you are granting Remote Control to will see this message:

On the Attendee list, you will also see an icon under that person’s name indicating they are controlling your screen:

4. To stop Remote Control click Stop button in the lower right-hand corner.
Stop remote

And that is also available in the center of your screen:
Stop remote2

When someone is controlling the screen, there is a crosshair cursor so that the person controlling the screen can easily identify their own actions and that they have the control of the cursor on the other computer: