Unwanted Calls Handling is designed to automatically tag the caller ID of spam callers with a tag directly before the CNAM, what allows users to tell if an incoming call is potentially spam without having to answer it first.

Any time the phone number calls DID on your account, it can have 3 possible tags:

  • [SPAM?]: the caller is a suspected spam caller and is starting to make high-volumes of spam and robo calls.
  • [SPAM]: the caller is likely a spam caller and persistently makes high-volumes of spam and robo calls.
  • [FRAUD]: the caller has already been associated with fraudulent activities or scam campaigns.

Note: currently it is possible to manage Unwanted Calls Policy only from the back-end.

Please contact Support if you would like to disable this feature on your account or if you encounter any  of the following situations:

  • Call that has been marked as [SPAM] is not actually spam.
  • Obvious spam call has not been marked with [SPAM] tag.