Spam Caller Protection is designed to automatically detect if an incoming call is potentially spam or a malicious fraud call, without having to answer it first. Policies can then be defined to control how these calls are handled.

With Spam Caller Protection every call is checked against an auto-updating feed of spam numbers. When any device on the account receives a call from the number which is expected to be spam or fraud, it will be assigned to one of the categories below:

  • Suspected spam calls: the caller is a suspected spam caller and is starting to show calling patterns that are likely to be unwanted calls.
  • Spam calls: the caller is likely a spam caller and persistently makes high-volumes of spam and robocalls.
  • Fraud calls: the caller has already been strongly associated with fraudulent activities or scam campaigns.

Account Admin has options to manage how different types of calls will be handled. 


  1. In HostPilot navigate to Services > Unite > Settings.
  2. Switch to Spam calls tab.
  3. Choose one of the actions for each type of calls.
    • Blocked: call will not be routed to the recipient
    • Routed to the recipient and tagged: call will go to the recipient as normal, but the caller ID will be tagged with flag which could be customized.
    • Routed to voicemail and tagged: call will go to the recipients Voicemail Box, but the caller ID will be tagged with flag which could be customized.
    • Routed to the recipient: call will go to the recipient as normal.
  4. Save changes.

Note: by default, spam calls will be routed to the recipient and tagged.

Please contact Support if a call that has been marked as [SPAM] is not actually spam.

If you encounter an obvious spam call that has not been marked with [SPAM] tag, you can now report it in the Intermedia Unite mobile application.

To report a number as a Spam call, navigate to the Call history tab in Intermedia Unite mobile app, hit the i-sign right next to the spam caller and choose Report Spam:



This feature doesn't automatically block the number but report it to Intermedia as a spam caller. For more information see Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Reporting Spam Calls.