This article applies for Mac OSX. For Windows OS refer to the Intermedia AnyMeeting: Device Settings On Windows -Meetings

Catalina and Screen Sharing

Important: MacOS Catalina introduced a new screen where you may need to grant access to screen sharing. You may experience a blank screen if you do not grant this access in Security & Privacy options.

To open this setting screen choose Apple menu > System Preferences


Then click Security & Privacy:


Choose the Privacy tab:


You must choose to Allow Intermedia AnyMeeting in this settings menu under Screen Recording as shown in the above screenshot.

Allowing your mic and cam on OSX

In a Meeting, you may check your mic, speakers and webcam under Settings > Audio & Video:


Choose your Mic and Speakers and see if your webcam is sending your video feed. Otherwise, check the drop down menu for your device to be listed.

Audio/Video Options

To ensure your Mac OSX is in alignment with your choice in devices, navigate to System Preferences > Sound > Output and respectively go to System Preferences > Sound > Input to check your mic and speakers on your Mac. 

Sound settings

If you encounter an error such as:

Device problem

Check your device permissions in Privacy & Security under the Privacy tab:

Privacy settings

Verify both Microphone and Camera for Intermedia AnyMeeting are checked.