This article describes how to migrate PC Backup to SecuriSync.

Step 1. Download the last PC Backup set.

If you would like save the last backup set from PC Backup, read the Knowledge Base article on PC Backup: How Do I Download Users Files Using HostPilot® Control Panel for instructions.

Step 2. Install SecuriSync and start backing up the data.

  1. Enable SecuriSync for end-users in the HostPilot.
  2. Configure Storage package.
    SecuriSync storage packages are assigned at the account level which means that each subscribing user contributes the equivalent of the storage package to the account-level storage pool that all users share. 
    E.g. 10 SecuriSync users on a 10 GB package result in a 100 GB storage pool.
    Read the Knowledge Base article on SecuriSync: User & Storage Management for more information.
  3. Install SecuriSync Desktop and Mobile applications:
    Desktop App is available for:

    Mobile App is available for iOS and Android. Mobile apps faciliate access to SecuriSync files. They can also be used to automatically backup photos/videos on mobile devices.

  4. Configure Backup policy for all users
    Admin can remotely configure the backup policy for all end-users.
    For more details refer to the following articles:

    Alternatively, end-users can also choose their own backup settings.
  5. SecuriSync also includes powerful sharing and collaboration tools
    Read the below Knowledge Base articles for more information:

  6. Train End-users
    Send users Get Started Guides and Product Videos:

Step 3. Remove Intermedia Online Backup

Once you have migrated to SecuriSync, you can safely remove PC backup from user’s devices and disable the service within HostPilot:

  • Uninstall Intermedia PC backup apps from users’ devices 
    You can use Windows/Mac vendor-recommended methods for this. (i.e. Add/Remove programs on Windows; Delete app from Applications folder on Mac) 
  • Disable Intermedia PC Backup from within HostPilot to stop the billing for the service ahead of July 31st, 2019 

Learn more about SecuriSync:

Admin Guide: This guide provides all the info you need to know as a SecuriSync administrator, including howto, best practices, etc. 

End-user Guides: 

Training portal for end-users: