This article contains an overview of contact types available on the Intermedia Unite platform.


The same phone number could be used by different types of contacts at the same time.

Type Created in Created by Sync across Intermedia Unite apps Chat SMS Presence
Edit profile
from Intermedia Unite app
Business HostPilot Admin Across all apps for all Users on account Yes Yes Yes No
Personal Intermedia Unite app User Across all apps for User creator of contact No Yes No Yes

Note: some of the features above are not supported by different contact types. Check specific articles listed below for each contact type for additional details.

Business contacts



Business contacts are syncing from the Intermedia account and can be managed only by the Account contacts with the Technical Administrator role. Business contacts are shared for all users on the account. There are various subtypes of Business contacts:

  • Users with Cloud PBX enabled and activated: for them, all functionality from the table above is supported.
  • User or Contacts created in HostPilot, without Unite activated: for them chat and presence indication are not supported, but calls could be placed through Intermedia Unite apps. These includes contacts such as:
    • Company Contacts with phone number added
    • Intermedia Unite user without Cloud PBX activated, but with phone number added to the User Info

For more detailed information refer to the Intermedia Unite Apps: Business Contacts article.

Personal contacts





Personal contacts are synced across all your Intermedia Unite applications, Desktop and Mobile. These contacts are only visible for and manageable by the User who created them.

For more detailed information refer to the Intermedia Unite Apps: Personal Contacts article.