Personal contacts appear in all Intermedia Unite Apps for the Intermedia Unite User who created them. These contacts are synchronized across all devices for this user. SMS and calls can be placed with the Intermedia Unite application on any device to the Personal contact.

Creating personal contact

  • Personal contact should have a name and at least 1 phone number
  • Personal contact may have the following optional fields:
    • Additional phone numbers, with labels assigned (Work, Mobile, Home, Other)
    • Email addresses
    • Company and Position
    • Address 
  • Phone number can contain numbers, separators (dashes, parentheses, dots, slashes, etc.), DTMF (commas, pound sign).

From Desktop app

  1. From the Chat tab, click on the plus icon at the search field.
  2. Choose the New contact option.
    DT contact
  3. Fill in the fields.
  4. Save contact.

Once created this contact will be populated to all your Intermedia Unite applications.

From Mobile app

You can follow the steps outlined in the KB article Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Contacts. This will create contact on both your mobile device and in the Unite Mobile app.

In order for the contacts, created on the Mobile device to be synchronized to your Intermedia Unite applications Sync should be enabled under Intermedia Unite mobile app settings.

Editing personal contact

Personal contact could be changed only from the same type of application (Desktop or Mobile) as in which it has been created.

From Desktop app

Hover mouse over contact name to open contact card. Click on Edit contact. Change necessary fields or remove the contact.

edit DT

From Mobile app

Note: contact created in Mobile application on the Primary device could only be changed on this device. Contacts synced from the local address book on additional mobile devices could be managed on these devices accordingly.

Android iOS

edit Mob

mob ios

Native Address Book of the device will be opened and contact will be changed both in Intermedia Unite mobile app and in the local Address Book.