Adding Voice Services to a User grants access to additional services and options like the ability to add and use up to 5 VoIP devices, assign a direct dial phone number and extension, access to their own personal voice mail, and a number of additional features packed in the service.

Click on the Hosted PBX tab to adjust Voice Services configurations:

General Tab 

  1. Change the Extension.
  2. Change or add a Phone Number.
    • A phone number MUST be assisgned to activate the user.
  3. Adjust the Call timeout for voicemail.
  4. Change the user's Location.
  5. Change the user's Time Zone.
  6. Disable Voice Services.


Note: disabling Voice Services will stop any billing going forward, for this User, and automatically unassign their devices, phone numbers, and clear their Voice Services settings. This cannot be undone!

Caller ID Tab

  1. Change or block the outbound Caller ID.
    caller id

Fm Fm Tab

  1. Set Find Me Follow Me settings

Call recording Tab

  1. Choose call recording type or disable call recording for the user.
  2. Set the number of days after which the call recordings for this user are permanently deleted, or disable auto-deletion.
  3. Set up call recording notifications.
    call recording

Voicemail Tab 

  1. Change the Voicemail to email address, for notifications
  2. Update the voicemail Greeting
  3. Change the voicemail PIN
  4. Enable/Disable Auto deletion of voicemail after 90 days.
  5. Enable/Disable Voicemail Transcription.
  6. Enable/Disable E-mail notification, which allows additional options:
    • Enable/Disable Include voicemail transcription
    • Enable/Disable Include voicemail file
    • Enable/Disable Delete voicemails on server
  7. Enable/Disable sending SMS notifications
  8. Enable/Disable Mark voicemail as read after notification is sent  


Devices Tab

  1. Assign new devices.
  2. View current devices assigned and Edit or Unassign the device.


Note: Users can have up to 5 devices assigned to them, at any time; if you do not see the Assign New button, check the amount of devices currently assigned.

Read the following Knowledge Base Article for further information: How To Activate Existing Devices.