Please follow the next steps to enable Manager (Supervisor) functionality in the Contact Center Express.

Managers (Supervisors) will be able to see active calls, agent's statuses and will have the ability to monitor/whisper/barge agent's calls. Special Contact Center tab will be available for them in the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application.

Note: monitor/whisper/barge functions are for inbound calls coming through Contact Center groups only.

In order to test the functionality, Hunt Group should be upgraded to the Contact Center. Please follow the procedure below to do it:

  1. Navigate to Services > Intermedia Unite > Groups > click on Hunt Group which should become a Contact Center.

  2. On General tab of the Hunt Group click on the Upgrade button.

    Click Upgrade on the next step.

    Note: After an upgrade, Hunt Group becomes Contact Center Express Group and Hunt Group users become Contact Center Express users. Phone number agents and resources will be removed.

    If you didn't have any agents in the group you should assign Contact Center functionality to the needed users and add them as agents. Instructions can be found at the end of the article.
  3. You will be redirected to Managers tab. Please add users who will supervise the agent's calls and statuses.

    Note: A person can be an agent and a manager at the same time.
  4. Download the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application provided to you and install it for users with the Manager's (Supervisor's) role.
  5. Login to the App using credentials and navigate to the Contact Center icon.

    If the user is a Manager for several Contact Center Groups, they can choose the needed Contact Center Group from the drop-down menu.

Managing Active calls functionality

Calls can be managed on the tab Active calls. The Manager should choose needed call and select the way they want to be connected to it: Monitor, Whisper or Barge.

Manager also can switch between the modes but only in the following order: Monitor > Whisper > Barge, Whisper or Barge. Manager (Supervisor) also can switch between the modes but only in the following order: Monitor > Whisper > Barge.

Monitor - Manager will hear the conversation but nobody can hear him.

Whisper - Manager will hear the conversation and talk to the agent only.

Barge - Manager will join the conversation and both parties will hear him.

Managing Agents

On table Agents, Manager (Supervisor) is able to see the agents' statuses: Ready, Idle, On phone, Logged out, etc.

Manager can manage agents only by logging them in out from Contact Center group.
They cannot change other agents' statuses since they are automatically set by the system.

Log in/Log out for agents is needed so that agent could start/stop receiving this particular Contact Center group calls.

How to add Contact Center functionality to the user:

  1. Go to Services >  Voice services   > Contact Center > Users > Users without Contact Center.

  2. Select the needed user or users and click Proceed.

Reports and Real-Time dashboard

Reports and Real-time dashboard are available from Intermedia Unite Desktop Application:

  1. Click on Contact Center icon, then on the Reports icon in the right upper corner.
    Each link will be opened in a new window in the default web browser.

  2. Click on Launch Reports to see live and historical reports.

  3. Click on Launch Wallboard to see the real-time dashboard. You also can copy the link and use it without application.

Detailed information about Reports and Real-Time dashboard can be found in the corresponding articles.