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 Unite Auto Attendant FAQ

The Intermedia Unite Auto Attendant is an automated system that allows callers to navigate through a set of options by pressing keys on a touchtone phone. You can set options to redirect callers to another Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, or to a particular user. Callers can dial an extension anytime if they already know the extension they want to reach, with Dial by extension enabled.

How do I set up Menus and Routing Options?

The Business Hours Menus are what hold all of your Menu Options and call routing configurations,
Click Here to find detailed information on creating new Business Hours Menus.

When your Business Hours Menus are configured, you can then adjust the Schedule for when they are active;
Click Here to learn more about Scheduling.

How can I apply personal Greetings to my Menus?

There are two ways to add a greeting for the Auto Attendant. You can upload a pre-recorded sound file, or record it on the go by calling the greeting recording extension of the Auto Attendant.
Click Here to learn more about Recording and Uploading Greetings.

How do I configure Holiday Menus?

You are able to configure Event Menus from within your Auto Attendant options. The Events feature allows creating pre-planned events that override the usual schedule. These menus do not repeat weekly. Instead, they reoccur on a monthly or yearly basis.
Click Here to learn more about Event Menus.

How can I listen to, or manage, my Auto Attendant's voicemail?

You can set up the VM Notifications to forward the audio file to yourself via e-mail, or you can listen to the Voicemail messages directly from the Auto Attendant page in HostPilot.
Click Here to learn more about Auto Attendant Voicemail.

What is a Receptionist Group, and how do I set one up?

The Receptionist Group is an added option that forwards incoming calls directly to certain users or phone numbers before the call goes to the Auto Attendant. This group can have its own activity periods scheduled for automation.

Click Here to learn more about Receptionist Groups.

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