Important: if your account is not on a Subscription billing model and Subscriptions tab is not present in your HostPilot – please refer to this article in regards to managing and creating Intermedia Unite Users.

What is a Intermedia Unite Subscription and how do I manage it?

What is a Intermedia Unite user and how do I manage it?

What is an Intermedia Unite Subscription and how do I manage it?

An Intermedia Unite (Unified Communications) subscription includes Intermedia Unite (with Chat and SMS availability), SecuriSync and Intermedia AnyMeeting services. Each user needs one license from the Intermedia Unite Subscription to use Intermedia Unite.

In order to manage subscriptions you need to login to HostPilot with your administrator's credentials and navigate to Services > Unite > Subscriptions

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Purchasing Additional Subscription licenses

In the Subscriptions section, you can purchase additional new licenses by increasing the number of licenses in the corresponding field.

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After clicking Save changes, the charge confirmation notification window will appear. Click Confirm to proceed.

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Each purchased subscription generates a rebate that can be used as an individual discount on many top-of-the-line devices and can even be redeemed to obtain free devices with certain promotions. Read the Knowledge Base article Managing Device Rebates In Intermedia Unite for more information.

Note: newly purchased licenses are free for the first 7 days. The first-month charge will be prorated according to the date of purchase.

Reducing Subscription Licenses

To reduce the number of available licenses, navigate to Services > Unite > Subscriptions. Reduce the number of licenses and click Save changes.

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Important: any used rebate associated with the Subscription license will result in a financial penalty if the Subscription license was purchased less than 12 months ago.

Buying subscriptions at various times creates rebates with the different exhaustion dates. When subscriptions number is being reduced, the system tries to find the rebate that can be cancelled without penalties to cancel it. If no such rebates found, the system will cancel the rebate that has been used the most time ago to minimize the penalty.

What is a Intermedia Unite user and how can I manage it?

Create a User

  1. Navigate to the  Users > Create User OR Services > Unite > Users page and click the Create User button.
  2. Enter the user's Name, E-mail address, and create or generate a Password.
  3. Adjust the e-mail address in Send Password.
  4. Click Create. The user will be created and you will be returned to the user list.
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Note: the new user will receive a welcome email with login instructions and other useful information on the address you have specified in Email address field.

Enable Intermedia Unite for a User

There are two ways to enable Intermedia Unite for a User:

  1. Navigate to the Users > Username >Intermedia Unite > select Auto-assign a new number or choose a number from the list of Available/ unused phone numbers and click Enable.

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  2. It will take around 30 seconds to configure a user.

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  1. Navigate to the Services > Unite > Subscriptions > Assign Subscriptions.

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  2. To assign licenses to an individual user or multiple users, click on Users without Intermedia Unite > check for selected users > Proceed.

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  3. It will take around 30 seconds to configure a user.

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Important: Intermedia Unite can be enabled for a user via User List/User Settings ONLY if there are enough available Intermedia Unite Subscription licenses, otherwise Not enough subscriptions error will appear.

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Disable Intermedia Unite for a User

There are two ways to disable Intermedia Unite for a User:

  1. Navigate to the Users > Username > Unite > General and click Disable Unite at the bottom of the page and then click Disable Service.

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  1. Navigate to the Services > Unite > Subscriptions > Assign licenses.
  2. Unassign subscriptions from an individual user or multiple users > uncheck Intermedia Unite for selected users > Proceed.

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  3. Notification window will appear, choose Confirm. The Intermedia Unite Subscription license will then become available, but will not be canceled. Unassigned licenses do not result in changes to the bill.

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Note: the phone number assigned to the user will be released and added to the account's number pool.

Manage a User

You can manage additional parameters of the User that you have created.

Navigate to Users and click on the user's name you wish to manage.

Click on the User Info tab to adjust general user configurations:

  1. Upload Profile photo.
  2. Change the user's Display Name.
  3. Adjust their E-mail Address.
  4. Reset Password for their user account.
  5. Edit the users Password Settings; allow them to change their own password.
  6. Add detailed User Info, like First/Last name, alternate e-mail addresses, cell number, department, and other information. 
  7. Set User Permissions. Read the following Knowledge Base Article for further information:  Managing User Permissions 
  8. Disable the User.
    Note: once disabled, users won't be able to use any Unite features or devices. The data will remain on the server indefinitely and can be accessed again by re-enabling the userno AM

To learn how to manage Intermedia Unite User's Unite Settings, read the Knowledge Base article Managing Voice Services Settings For Users.

Delete a User

Important: user(-s) cannot be deleted if Intermedia Unite service is enabled for this user(-s).

  1. Disable Intermedia Unite for the user(-s) as described in Disable Intermedia Unite for a User section of this article.
  2. Go to Users on the top of the HostPilot Home screen and check the box next to the user(-s) you disabled Intermedia Unite for in the previous step. Hit Delete Selected Users button to remove them from the account completely.
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For information on how to set up Intermedia Unite, Intermedia AnyMeeting and SecuriSync users please see the following articles:

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