Rebates are individual discounts that can be used toward many top-of-the-line devices and can even be redeemed to obtain free devices with certain promotions.

Important: if you decide to replace the phone you originally purchased, rebates CANNOT be reapplied to a different phone, even if it is still within the return period.

Rebate information

  • Rebates are earned by purchasing Intermedia Unite subscription licenses.
    • 1 Rebate earned per 1 subscription license with 1,3 or 5 year contract term.
  • Rebates expire 30 days after the Intermedia Unite subscription license purchase.
  • You can use rebates toward any hardware sold in the product catalog, applying an $85 dollar discount to your purchase. 
    • Depending on the promotion, a rebate may also be used to acquire a free VoIP device.
  • Rebates CANNOT be applied after hardware is ordered.
    • Important: we highly recommend you purchase subscriptions before you order VoIP hardware. This will allow you to take advantage of the rebates as soon as they are offered.
  • Cancelling Intermedia Unite subscription licenses may result in rebate penalties. Prorated repayment of the Rebate is required if service is canceled within 12 months of Rebate use.
  • Buying subscriptions at various times creates rebates with the different exhaustion dates. When subscriptions number is being reduced, the system tries to find the rebate that can be cancelled without penalties to cancel it. If no such rebates found, the system will cancel the rebate that has been used the most time ago to minimize the penalty. 

Viewing your current rebates

You can view the available rebates on your account on the product catalog page.

Navigate to Devices > Purchase device to access the product catalog. Your rebate summary is located at the top of the page.

Applying a rebate to an order

From the product catalog, simply click the device cost drop-down to reveal price options.

  • Using a rebate will show the new discounted price in the drop-down selection.
  • Devices that are eligible as free with rebate will have a red flag marker on the device image, and your drop-down option will be free with rebate.

Phone price with rebate