This article describes Intermedia Unite integration with Zoho CRM through Zoho Phonebridge paltform. It allows users to receive and make calls directly from Zoho CRM interface.

Step 1: Enabling Phonebridge

Log in to Zoho CRM with Administrator's credentials, open Zoho Phonebridge Marketplace and navigate to Settings > Channels > Telephony. Click the button to Enable Phonebridge.

Step 2: Enabling Integration

  1. Once Phonebridge is enabled use search field in Phonebridge Marketplace to find Intermedia Unite widget. Click Integrate button on the found widget.
  2. On the widget page click Get it now button.
  3. You will be redirected to Intermedia Unite integration page. Click Enable Now
  4. After that you will be returned to Zoho portal and Intermedia Unite integration will be enabled for your organization.
  5. Users will need to open the following link to start using the integration:
    Setup instructions for end-users can be found in our Knowledge Base article Intermedia Unite For Zoho CRM (End-User Guide).

Disable Intermedia Unite integration

You can disable Intermedia Unite integration with Zoho CRM for all users in organization. To do this use the following link when logged into Zoho CRM as an Administrator:  

After integration is disabled user will no longer be able to make and receive calls from Zoho CRM using Intermedia Unite.