This article provides an overview for end-users of how to use Intermedia Unite with Zoho CRM

Getting Started With Intermedia Unite For Zoho CRM

  1. After Intermedia integration is enabled by Administrator, you will receive email notification with the link. Open the link and log into your Intermedia Unite account.
    Note: integration is designed to work with Intermedia Unite Desktop Application only.
  2. You will be asked to select a default calling device that will be used for outbound calls. Choose the device from the list and click Save.
    Note: If you want to change the default calling device you will need to open the link sent from your Administrator (see Step 1).
  3. On the next step, you will be prompted to enter credentials for Zoho CRM if you are not logged in to the system
  4. System will ask for access to calls and contacts information. After pressing Accept you will be redirected to Zoho CRM home page. 

Making Calls

  1. To initiate an outgoing call from Zoho CRM user click the green icon next to the phone number. Outgoing calls can be made from records available in Leads, Contacts and Accounts modules in Zoho CRM. Green phone icons are available from Record's list, Record's details page, Record's widget.
  2. The call will be sent to the selected default calling device and once you pick up the phone system will try to connect you with the dialed phone number.

Receiving Calls

Call From A Known Number

When you receive a call from a CRM contact you will see the contact information. To start a call pick up the default calling device you selected previously.

To decline the call click End Call button in plugin or end the call using the call controller device.

Also, you can open ringing Record's details in a new tab by clicking Record's name on notification. Here you can find additional information and call history.

Call From Unknown Number

For incoming calls from an unknown caller you will see only a phone number.

During the call or after it is ended you can create new Lead or Contact or add to existing Lead or Contact by clicking on the drop-down menu. Updated information will be immediately shown on the notification.

Call Description And Follow-Up Activity

You can enter a description during an active call or after it is completed. The description entered will be automatically updated in the Call Description field under the Call Information section in the Activities module.

You can also add a follow-up Task, create an Event or schedule a new Call after the active call is finished.

Call Logs

All incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in the Activities module.
Note: it could take up to 5 minutes for call logs to appear.

You can open call logs for the chosen Record by navigating to Timeline section from Record's detail page.

Disable Intermedia Unite Integration

To disable Intermedia Unite Integration log into Zoho CRM with your credentials and use the following link: 

After integration is disabled you will not be able to make and receive calls in Zoho CRM using Intermedia Unite.