This article explains how to enable 911 call notifications.

Account owners or Technical Administrators with Voice Services role can set up 911 call notifications. If a user calls 911, an email or an SMS notification will be sent to the specified email address or cell phone number.

Enabling 911 call notifications

To enable 911 call notifications, please follow the steps below.

For email notifications:

  1. Navigate to Voice Services > Settings tab
  2. Click 911 settings.
  3. Under 911 notifications check Send email notification.5
  4. Enter the email address that should receive notifications.
    Note: up to 10 email addresses can be entered.
  5. Press Save.

Note: below you may find the email notification example.

Subject: Emergency Hosted PBX Notification
Email body: This is an emergency Hosted PBX notification. A call was placed to 911 by <User Name>, number <DID> today at <Time>. Please take appropriate action. You received this notification because your email address was entered as a contact to receive notifications any time a 911 emergency call is placed from within your organization. Please contact your service provider or IT administrator if you would like to make changes to this service.

For SMS notifications:

  1. Navigate to Voice Services > Settings tab.
  2. Click 911 settings.
  3. Under 911 notifications check Send SMS notification.6
  4. Enter the phone number that should receive notifications.
    Note: only US numbers are allowed.
  5. Press Save.

Note: below you may find the SMS notification example.

A 911 emergency call was placed at <Time> from number <DID> assigned to <User Name>.