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General Upgrade Process and Timeline Information

Process and Timeframe

Intermedia will be automatically upgrading Hosted PBX 1.0 accounts to Intermedia Unite between  November 18, 2019 and January 24, 2020. 

Customers will be notified about their specific account upgrade date 5 business days in advance.

The migration will be taking place between 11PM and 3AM PST

Important: During the migration process, the affected accounts' phone service will be down for up to 15 minutes while we make the switchover.

The upgrade will require no action from customers. Right after the upgrade is done on our side, customers calls will start being processed via Intermedia Unite and customers can begin setting up and using the new features of Intermedia Unite

How will I know when my account will be upgraded?

All customers will be notified about the specific date when their account will be upgraded 5 business in advance. The notifications will be sent as follows:

  • Early November 2019: Initial notification to all Intermedia Hosted PBX 1.0 accounts.
  • 5 days before the scheduled upgrade (will be performed in batches): Notification with the specific upgrade date.
  • 1 day before the scheduled upgrade: Reminder notice.

Are there any actions required from me?

No actions are required to get Intermedia Unite working:

  1. All current 1.0 settings will stay the same including existing users, including Auto Attendant Business Hours & After Hours menus. New Intermedia Unite features will become available.

  2. No reboot or reset will be required for your devices . The device configuration will remain as is for all of the devices. The devices will appear under the Voice Services > 'Devices' tab in Control Panel as ‘BYOP Unsupported’ devices. You may re-provision the devices as ‘Supported’ after the migration, but please note that full factory reset will be required. See more details below.

Migration Process Specifics


Intermedia Unite requires a dedicated number to be assigned to every active user and Auto-Attendant in order to receive and make calls. 

During the migration, any user or Auto Attendant without a number will be assigned one. The number can be changed at any time after the migration.

Note: auto-generated numbers will also be used as users' Outbound Caller ID. This can be updated at any time after migration. Learn more here.

Toll-Free Numbers

Intermedia Unite does not allow for toll-free numbers to be used as primary numbers for users. If users with toll-free numbers set as primary are discovered during the migration, toll-Free numbers will be swapped from primary to additional. This will not affect incoming calls or cause any interruption.


Click to Call with Lync (Skype for Business) is not integrated with Intermedia Unite. Your existing Click to Call users will keep their functionality after the upgrade – they will be able to make & receive calls with their selected Click-to-Call device. However, there will be no way to update the settings going forward.

Click-to-Call Lync users are recommended to use Intermedia Unite Desktop App in Call Controller mode instead

Device Migration

No reboot or reset will be required for devices after the migration. All devices will be migrated as BYOP devices, however, the currently applied configuration of all devices will remain as is. The devices may be re-added as Supported after migration, but all configuration will be reset in the process. Click here for instructions on how to do so.

Important: Please do not turn off your devices on the day of the migration, as only connected devices will be migrated.

If after migration you can't see some devices under the 'Devices' list in Intermedia Unite - please contact Intermedia Support and we'll add missing devices to the list.

Note: this does not affect the device's functionality.

In case after migration your device(s) stopped working (e.g. can't receive or make calls) - please contact Intermedia Support.

In order to manage the device(s) from Intermedia Unite Control Panel - you will need to manually re-provision the devices for the new platform – add them as Supported BYOP devices through HostPilot and perform a factory reset on the device itself. 

Note: this will re-write all currently configured settings on the device. 

E911 Address

In Intermedia Unite, the E911 address is assigned to a device rather than a number as on Cloud PBX 1.0. We will migrate your E911 addresses if possible. Once migration is complete, it is critical to manually check and update your E911 addresses for every device, as your numbers' E911 addresses will be lost.

See this article on how to update your E911 addresses.

Intermedia AnyMeeting and SecuriSync

If you had users without Intermedia AnyMeeting and/or SecuriSync, these services will be enabled for them at no extra cost. 

Conference Bridges and Fax via Email 

Conference Bridges (Pay-Per-Use and Unlimited) and Fax via Email services will not be migrated and will keep working as they are. You can start using Intermedia Unite Bridges as soon as you are migrated.

Billing & Pricing

Intermedia Unite is priced and billed differently, so your bill structure will change, but it is expected that there will be no material change to the amount you are billed.

Your first Intermedia Unite bill will be generated a month after the upgrade takes place. Note that this day will now become your Billing Day of Month (BDOM) for the Voice Services.

 The first bill will contain:

  • prorated charges for the previous month
  • charges for the following month
  • Taxes & surcharges

See more info on Intermedia Unite explanation of charges in this article

Billing Credits

There will be a period where Intermedia Unite and Hosted PBX 1.0 charges will overlap.  Please note that the duplicate charges will be credited back to you upon completion of the migration.

In case if there are any issues with your Intermedia Unite bill - please contact our Billing department and we will be happy to assist you.

New Intermedia Unite Features

New Intermedia Unite features will become available:

The Intermedia Unite Auto Attendant is an automated system that allows callers to navigate through a set of options by pressing keys on a touchtone phone. You can set options to redirect callers to another Auto Attendant, Hunt Group, or to a particular user. Callers can dial an extension anytime if they already know the extension they want to reach, with Dial by extension enabled.

  • Paging, Pickup, Call Park Groups

Paging groups are used to send pages to specific members assigned. Pages are a non-interactive, one-direction, phone call used to announce a message to a group of members, such as a call holding or that a specific member's presence is required.

Pickup groups are a way to associate multiple Users together and allow them to answer calls ringing to other member devices.

Call Park is a means of internally transferring calls through the use of virtual call park groups, which allow calls to be placed on hold and then picked up from a different extension, as long as the other extension is within the same Call Park group. 

Intermedia Unite brings ability to manage devices from a single interface and makes it easy to program line keys and expansion panels anywhere, anytime.

Contact Center is a type of the Hunt Group with extended functionality including supervisor monitoring User Interface in the client, scheduled reports, extended storage, a real-time dashboard, smart greetings, and much more.

Spam Caller Protection is designed to automatically detect if an incoming call is potentially spam or a malicious fraud call, without having to answer it first. Policies can then be defined to control how these calls are handled.

The SMS business texting feature allows users to send and receive SMS messages from the Desktop and Mobile application to US, Puerto Rican and Canadian numbers.

Always stay in touch with the refined ability to control all the voicemails going through your Intermedia Unite Cloud PBX service.

Create your Office Locations to group your users and get your tax calculations to be more precise.


Q: When exactly will my account(s) be upgraded? 
A: Upgrades will be happening over a period of November 18, 2019 - January 24, 2020. Upgrades will not happen during Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year holidays. Customers will be provided with the specific date for their account 5 days before the scheduled upgrade. For more information on upgrade process and timeline, click here.

Q: Will I be charged more for Intermedia Unite? 
A: Our team will ensure that there is no material change to their Hosted PBX bill after the upgrade. But your bill structure will change. Click here to see more information about Billing on Intermedia Unite.

Q: I do not use Hosted PBX 1.0 service. Why do I receive notifications from you? 
A: Notifications are sent to all customers with Hosted PBX 1.0 service installed. If you are not using the service – please cancel your HPBX 1.0 service in HostPilot by going to Voice Services > Cloud PBX and pressing Uninstall Cloud PBX button.

Note: only Account Owners can uninstall PBX module.

Q: I already have Intermedia Unite account which I'm using. Can you move the remaining numbers from my PBX 1.0 account to my Intermedia Unite account? 
A: Support can help you to move your numbers from 1.0 to your Intermedia Unite account. Please, make sure you have the required Users/Auto Attendants/Resources created on your Intermedia Unite account to assign the numbers to. After the move is done – you can cancel your HPBX 1.0 service in HostPilot by going to Voice Services > Cloud PBX and pressing Uninstall Cloud PBX button.

Note: only Account Owners can uninstall PBX module.