Reports allow you to supervise and review the system and user activity recorded for your archive account. They provide a detailed audit history of the actions taken on your archived data.

To access the reports settings navigate to Settings > find Reports section and click Manage.


Collection Summary Reports

Administrators can now subscribe to reports delivered to their inbox detailing the volume and size of information being collected to your archive. Reports can be configured to be delivered on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

To enable the Collection Summary Report, turn on the Status toggle button:

Audit Reports

Audit report provides details of activities that are performed upon your archive account.

To create a new Audit report, select + New:

  • Audits are auto named, however you can choose your own if required.
  • You need to select a date range for the audit to be run over.
  • You can select several Content options
  • Once selected, click Create. The audit creation request will run in the background. Once completed, it will be available to download as a CSV file.
  • All audits that are run are retained for historic purposes. It is not possible to delete a previously run audit report

Content options:

  • Exports/Downloads: will detail export and download activities performed from the archive.
  • Logins: provides login activities
  • Search Activity: provides details relating to the creation, editing and deletion of searches. Saved and unsaved searches will be reported.
  • Tags Activity: details in summary activity surrounding the application & removal of tags from assets in the archive.
  • Holds Activity: details activities in searches relating to placing or removing assets on hold as well as the creation of Hold Reasons
  • Purge: details activities relating to any messages that have been selectively purged from the archive. 
  • User Management: activities relating to actions placed on users. Will include user creation, modification and deletion.

Depending on the size of the report to run, it may go into a pending state, whilst the data is collated, or the report may already be ready to download locally and review with an application that can display CSV files. It is not possible to review the report from the application itself.