This article describes Voicemail feature for Intermedia Unite Desktop application. This feature is free and available for all Intermedia Unite accounts. To learn how to check your voicemail from the Mobile app, read the article Intermedia Unite Mobile App: Checking New Voicemail, and to learn how to check your voicemail from the phone, read the How Can I Check My Voicemail? article.

To learn how to manage your Voicemail Settings (Voicemail PIN, Voicemail greeting, Voicemail transcription and email notifications) from the Intermedia Unite Desktop App, read the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application: Voicemail Settings article.

Checking New Voicemail

To check your voicemail, log into Intermedia Unite Desktop Client and navigate to the voicemail tab by clicking the voicemail icon on the left side of the client. You will be presented with the list of voicemail messages ordered by date. Unread ones will have a blue circle icon on the left of them. The number of unread messages is indicated on the voicemail tab icon. Click a voicemail message to see its details.

Audio player and the transcription of the message will appear on the right side of the Intermedia Unite application window. You can click the play button to listen to the message, click the chat button to open chat with the person that left this message or click the handset button to call them. If the person who left the voicemail message is external to your company, the SMS button will appear instead of the chat button.

Deleting Voicemail

To delete a voicemail message, go to the voicemail section, select the message by clicking it and then click the Delete button in the right lower corner. You’ll be prompted for confirmation on deleting the message. Click Delete to confirm.

Note: Once deleted, the message cannot be recovered from the Intermedia Unite application interface or from the HostPilotĀ® Control Panel.

Currently, there is no option to delete voicemail messages by bulk. However, when voicemail box becomes from 80% full, you will see an orange notification banner with two buttons for bulk option: Delete all and Delete all read voicemail messages.

When a voicemail box becomes 100% full, new voicemail messages will stop appearing in it. In that case, you will see a red notification banner with two bulk options: Delete all and Delete all read voicemail messages.

Voicemail Notifications

By default, when you receive a new voicemail message, a ‘ringing’ sound will play and a pop-up will appear in your Intermedia Unite Desktop application.

To toggle audio and/or visual notifications, go to Profile (click your profile picture) > Applications settings.