Search results can be sorted, tagged, reviewed, put on hold, filtered and exported.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How Do I Create A New Search? for more information on search creation.

To view search results:

Navigate to Searches and click Run to the right of the search name.


From the search result list, users with the appropriate permissions are able to view individual assets that match the search criteria, filter the result list further to perform more specific e-discovery tasks or validate the search results, and take action on the result set.

Actions that can be taken are placing results on hold or exporting the results. Multiple assets can be selected from the list by clicking their checkbox located to the left. Any action initiated while single or multiple assets are selected will only be performed on the selected assets. To deselect all assets, right-click on the search result list and click deselect all.


Search result lists can be filtered. You can create a search and filter the displayed results after creating and saving it, or you can access a previously saved search and filter the results. The filtering capabilities of the archive will enable you to refine searches and add specific criteria within a search.


To export search results:

Exports can be requested from any saved search menu.

  1. Select the assets you would like to export from the system or use the checkbox in the header to select all
  2. Click the Export button in the panel view, bulk options will only appear once multiple assets are selected.
  3. Select the desired format for exporting and click Next. EML, PST or PDF formats are available.Format
  4. Name your export for future identification and choose whether you would like to be notified when the export is ready to download.
  5. Select Request Export.
    Request export

The status of the export will be displayed on the Exports page. To navigate there click on Exports from the left-hand navigation menu.


Note: export task is limited to 30,000 items and 20 GB. Contact support if you need to create a larger export (the service is chargeable). It's possible to have only 5 export in the pending or processing state at one time.