The number porting process can be fast and easy or complicated, and sometimes downright frustrating.   Our goal is to make the process as worry-free as possible, and this information is designed to meet that goal.   If you do have any questions, concerns, or issues with your number port, please contact your Sales or Support resource for additional information.

What Do I Need To Do?

The porting process is best broken down into the following steps – Don’t worry, you can do each step separately, and continue onto the next whenever you’re ready!   Here is a summary of what’s needed at each step.

Preparing to submit your number port request(s) 

When porting your numbers, it’s really important to know the details about your numbers, so that port requests can be submitted properly to your current carriers, and there will be fewer reasons for the order to be rejected or delayed.   It’s also helpful to make sure there aren’t specific conditions with your existing numbers that limit or prevent them from porting properly.

Submitting your numbers for porting 

Submitting your port request via our Online LOA Wizard is quick and easy – or you can contact your salesperson if you need some assistance with this step

Getting updates on port status

Since the porting process involves many different parties, rules and issues often vary on a case by case basis, it’s important to keep up to date on the status of your port, so you can respond to changes in status, and any follow-up actions needed.  You can do this by watching your email for status updates and checking in our porting status viewer in your admin portal.

Resolving any issues with your port request 

Even if you’ve done all of your prep work, and submitted all of the right information, it’s always possible there will be complications.   We’ll do our best to resolve them for you, but there may be instances where you’ll need to work with your current service provider to get information or resolve issues.

Getting ready for your numbers to be ported 

Once we know your numbers are approved for porting, we’ll let you know, and you can start to prepare your devices and services to work with your numbers.

Completing your port 

On the day of the port, most users find it helpful to verify their numbers are working.  After you’ve ported all numbers to us, please cancel any services you no longer need with your prior provider. 

Making Changes

It may be necessary to make changes to your port order to deal with unexpected developments – phone installers not being available, delays in setting up a new location, etc.  It’s important to let us know as soon as possible if you need to make any changes, to avoid fees or possible disruptions in service.

Details for Number Porting Process

Ready to begin?  Here are some details for each step.

Preparing to submit your number port request(s)

Here are some things you’ll want to do to make sure you’re ready to submit your numbers for porting.  If you submit a request with incorrect information, we’ll work with you to try to get the request completed, but there may be delays or costs associated with changes in your request.

  • Gather the account information for your numbers – having this information available before you start your port request will make requesting your port much easier to complete

    • Have a current copy of your bill for each of the numbers you’re porting. It’s the best way to make sure you have the needed information – and it is required for all North American toll-free port orders, and for all port orders outside North America..
    • Know your PINs for your numbers. Mobile numbers and numbers from some non-mobile carriers will have PIN’s which you’ll need to provide so the existing carrier can authorize the request
    • Know who the authorized signer is for each account. North American toll-free numbers will require the authorized person to sign the Letter of Authorization (LOA) by hand.

  • Make sure your numbers are ready for porting - There are some things which may prevent your current provider from approving your port request, or which may have unintended consequences when your numbers are ported. For additional details, please see the Porting FAQ for details on issues like:

    • Are there any new or pending service orders with your old provider?
    • Are any of your numbers associated with a DSL line, alarm, or modem services?
    • Do you have any special features on your current service which requires additional preparation for porting?
    • Do you own a block of numbers with your current carrier?  If so, they may require you to port the entire block, not just a few numbers.  We suggest checking with your current service provider upfront regarding their requirements for port OUT, especially on number blocks.
  • Plan your port request – Some things to know ahead of time to make the process easier:

    • Group your numbers by account, address and type (local or toll-free) – You’ll need to create separate port requests for each group of numbers
    • Know when you want the ports to complete:

      • Know when you’ll have your phones installed and ready for service. Request porting timelines after the phones are ready, to avoid short notice changes and costs, and potential outages. 
      • If there is a specific date you would like your local number port to occur, you can request that date in the notes section of your request. Please be aware that the requested dates cannot always be supported.  Requested dates must occur on a working day (excludes weekends and holidays), and should be at least 2 weeks in the future for North American local number ports and per country/number specific timeframes for all other numbers.
        Note: Specific date requests are not supported for North American toll-free number ports as the process is different.
      • For North American numbers, our current carrier may require that you port your toll-free number prior to porting any local numbers on the same account.
      • North American toll-free numbers usually port within 1 week of submission of the request, local numbers within 2-3 weeks

    • Be aware of any known issues with your current carrier - Some carriers have issues which may prevent or delay porting, planning for these issues can reduce problems with your port 

Submitting your numbers for porting

Once you’ve prepared the information for your port request, our online Number Porting Wizard makes submitting your port requests quick and easy. You’ll access the wizard in HostPilot, and provide information about your numbers and existing accounts, and details on when you’d like to port your numbers.  For North American toll-free numbers and all number ports outside North America, you’ll also upload a copy of a signed Letter of Authorization (LOA) and your current bill copy, showing the porting number. 

Once you submit the request, we’ll verify we’ve received it, and then keep you up to date on its status.   For full details on submitting your request online, please see Using The Number Porting Wizard With Intermedia Unite

You can also contact your salesperson or your onboarding team for assistance.

Getting updates on port status

As the status of your port request changes, we’ll provide updates from our case management system via email to all contacts identified on the order.  These updates will include details for any additional actions needed, so it’s important to review the emails as they’re received. Details on the port order status can be found here.

Port status can also be reviewed by selecting View porting status from the Phone Numbers tab in HostPilot: Services > Unite > Phone Numbers > click View Porting Status.

porting status

Resolving any issues with your port request

If there are any problems with completing your port request, we’ll update you through our case management emails.  Issues may occur when your existing carrier requires additional information for your port request or rejects the request with the information you’ve provided.   If this happens, we’ll update the status of your request in HostPilot, and provide notification of the issue, with details in a status update email from our case management system. 

We’ll provide as much information as we can in the update email to help you resolve the problem.  You may need to work with your current carrier to get additional details on the account(s) your porting numbers are on, in order to resolve any issues.

Getting ready for your numbers to be ported

Once your port has been approved by your existing carrier and scheduled, we’ll send you an update indicating your Firm Order Commitment (FOC) date has been received.  At this point, it’s time to begin setting up the number for use.

This is a good time to begin:

  • Assigning Numbers to users or services on your account – If the number is not assigned before the number is ported, we won’t know where to direct inbound calls to, and callers will experience dead calls.
  • Assigning Devices to the users or services on your account – any hardware (phones, fax adapters, etc.) which will be used will need to be assigned to a user or service before it’s connected to your network.
  • Planning any installation of hardware with your installers – ensuring all phones are connected and registering before your numbers port.
  • Completing an Onboarding appointment if you are a new customer to ensure calls will route appropriately.  If you have not had your onboarding appointment yet, please contact your Onboarding representative to schedule one.

Completing your port

On the date of your scheduled number port, we will work with your current carrier to move your numbers over to our network.  Ports are generally seamless and not even noticed for most customers.   Calls will start arriving via your Intermedia Unite services instead of via your existing phone lines. 

We will test, verify that porting was successfully completed and send you a completion notice. Porting windows are as follows unless otherwise specified on the port order scheduled confirmation:

  • North America – 10AM to 11AM Pacific

Please allow the full porting window for notice of completion.

After all necessary ports have completed, you should ensure your previous services are canceled as needed with your old provider.

Making Changes

If it’s necessary to make changes to your port order, please reply to the port status email you’ve received for the port order.  

Note: You can use any status email received for that order – it doesn’t have to be the latest one. 

This will help us begin working on the changes as soon as possible.  In some cases, there will be fees related to changes.  We’ll do our best to help you avoid those fees, and notify you when there will be one.