This article describes Intermedia Unite integration with Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams service.

What is Call2Teams?

Call2Teams is a companion service to Office 365 that allows customers to use their existing Intermedia Unite phone service within Microsoft Teams.  Once setup is complete, customers with Intermedia Unite service and Office 365 will be able to use the O365 phone system add-on to make and receive calls through their Microsoft Teams using their Intermedia Unite phone service.

Basic Requirements

The following should be obtained before beginning this setup process:

  • Admin access to your Intermedia Unite account
  • Admin access to your Office 365 account
  • Admin access to your Call2Teams account

Additionally, each user of the Call2Teams service will need an E1 or better Office 365 license and will need the Phone System add-on.

Intermedia Unite Account Configuration

To set up your Intermedia Unite account to work with Call2Teams, you will need to create a new device for each User that will be using the phone system add-on within O365.

  1. In your Intermedia Unite account, navigate to the Devices tab.
  2. Click the button to Setup your own device.
  3. Select a brand of Other and provide a Brand and Model name of your choosing. We suggest providing a name that makes it obvious this is a device used for Call2Teams service.
  4. Next, assign this device to a user that will be using the O365 phone system add-on.
  5. Select an E911 address, click the checkbox for 911 Policy and Limitations, and click Setup device.
  6. Repeat these steps for each user that will be using the O365 phone system add-on.

Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Configure Unsupported Devices for more information

Next, you will need to collect the SIP credentials for each new device.  We recommend you construct a table or spreadsheet to more easily document the information for each user.  You will need this information later when you set up your Call2Teams service.  Create your document and create a data tag for the following items:

  • User
  • Phone number
  • SIP Authentication ID
  • SIP Password
  • Server

The name of the user and their phone number can be obtained from many different places within your Intermedia Unite account, which as by navigating to the Phone Numbers tab and documenting the name and phone number into your document.  To obtain SIP information for each of the devices you created:

  1. From within the Devices section, click on the device name
  2. Click on Get credentials
  3. Document the SIP Authentication ID, SIP Password and Server from the pop-up window into your document.
  4. Repeat these steps for each user and device you created in the previous steps.

You are now ready to proceed to set up your Call2Teams service.

Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams Account Configuration

Important: Firstly, get Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams  here.

Once signed up for Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams service, you will receive information on how to log into your account using your O365 credentials.  For additional help at any time with this setup process, please refer to the information in the Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams portal in the Downloads section, or click here for the Admin Setup Guide.

The first step within Intermedia Unite for Microsoft Teams is to create a PBX, which provides Call2Teams with information on how to connect to your Intermedia Unite service:

  1. Log in at Call2Teams Admin Portal
  2. Navigate to the Services tab at the top. The PBX tab will appear.
  3. Select a PBX type of Intermedia Unite
  4. From the table or spreadsheet you made earlier in this process, fill in the Server name in the SIP Domain field.
  5. When complete, click Add PBX.

    You have now successfully created a PBX within Call2Teams that represents your Intermedia Unite service.

    Once the green checkmarks appear, press the Sync Now button in Call2Teams to configure your O365 account to talk to Call2Teams.

    Note: enabling MS Teams/syncing process may take several hours on Microsoft side. Meanwhile, a Call2Teams User is able to receive incoming calls, but cannot make Outbound calls (as there is no visible Keypad in the application). Once synced, the user needs to log out/log in back to MS Teams to see the Keypad.

  6. Navigate to the Users section
  7. Click the Add User option and select a user from the drop-down menu
  8. From the table or spreadsheet you made earlier in this process, fill in the information for this user:
    1. SIP Username is the SIP Authentication ID from this user’s Intermedia Unite device
    2. Password is the SIP Password from the user’s Intermedia Unite device

  9. Click the Add button to create the user.

    Important: Keep Auth Username blank otherwise integration won't work.
  10. Repeat this step for all remaining users.
  11. When complete, press the Sync Now button once and wait until it finishes to configure your O365 users.

  12. Once entered, each user will independently register with your service provider and display a green registration indicator upon successful registration.

  13. Disable Voicemail routing in MS Teams:
    1. Navigate to the Admin Portal > Voice > Calling policies


    2. Select the default policy Global, make sure the checkbox next to it is present and hit Edit.


    3. Find Voicemail is available for routing inbound calls, select Disabled from the drop-down list, and hit Save.


      Note: once the routing to voicemail has been disabled by the administrator, the users will still see the Voicemail option in Teams app. However, any change made by the user will not take effect.

Your users are now ready to use their Intermedia Unite service within Microsoft Teams. For more information about using Intermedia Unite Call2Teams, read the User Guide.

Mass User Import

You can create or update multiple users by SIP Username at the same time by going to Users > Import Users in Call2Teams Admin portal.

  1. Download CSV template.
  2. Fill it in leaving AuthUsername and ExternalID blank.
    Important: Phone number should have "+ and country code" at the beginning (i.e. +1xxxxxxxxxx)
  3. Add this file to the import page and click Upload.
  4. Click Sync Now once and wait until it finishes.

Known Issues

Voicemail Behavior

The default behavior for unanswered calls for Teams users is as follows: an incoming call rings Teams application for 20 seconds and then the call is routed to the Teams Voicemail.

If MS Teams app is offline (for example, a user just turns off their PC), an incoming call will be routed to Microsoft Teams Voicemail immediately without ringing any user's devices. MS Teams overrides any Intermedia Unite Hunt Group / Contact Center Group / User routing settings. This affects all the calls.

To avoid conflicts between two PBX systems (Intermedia Unite and Microsoft Teams) we strongly recommend adjusting Calling policies to disable the routing to Voicemail on the Teams side, as mentioned above on step 13The user is also able to adjust the Voicemail timeout via Call2Teams App if allowed by MS Teams administrator.

Internal Calls Handling

Call Reports in HostPilot do not contain calls that are made on Microsoft side between two Teams Users (as the calls do not reach our network). In this case, only MS Teams app will ring for the called party. However, if the Intermedia Unite user has multiple devices assigned (including Call2Teams), and the calling party would like to place a call that makes all the devices ring, they can dial the internal extension (which is assigned to the called user in Intermedia Unite).


  1. If a call is made directly to the MS Teams' contact, it will ring the called party's MS Teams app only, and the call history will be stored on Microsoft side only.

  2. If a call is made to the Intermedia Unite extension, it will ring all the devices assigned to the called user, and this call will appear both on Microsoft side and in Call Reports in HostPilot.

Calling to extensions that start with 0

In case the extensions on Intermedia Unite account start with the zero, the Teams Administrator needs to adjust the Dial Plan for the Teams Users to be able to make internal calls.

To adjust the Dial Plan, navigate to the Admin Portal > Voice > Dial Plans


Select the default policy Global, make sure the checkbox next to it is present and hit Edit.


Click on the name of the default policy Call2Teams to edit it and replace the default Dial Plan with the following regex expression: 


And Save the changes.



Q: Can a User have Forwarding set via Teams application?
A: We strongly recommend not using any forwarding or other options as they might cause conflicts between two systems and routing issues.

Q: Which Hold Music will be played if the user places the call on hold?
A: Microsoft Teams Music on Hold will be played.

Q: Which PBX handles E911 calls?
A: If an emergency call to 911 takes place from MS Teams application, it will be handled by Intermedia Unite PBX according to the Device settings in HostPilot. Read the Knowledge Base article on How To Change e911 Information for more information.