Note: The article describes the process of end-users creation for Intermedia Standalone Email Archiving.

To grant your team members permissions to access the archive you can create users with following permissions:

  • Administrator: Provides complete access across the archive with the ability to create, modify, and export searches; manage hold reasons, users, permissions, and policies.
  • Admin Only: Provides access to most account and user management settings and permissions but prohibits access to interaction with message data including running, editing and exporting searches or affecting retention policies.
  • Compliance Officer: Provides access to interact with data across the archive in addition to creating and managing hold reasons.
  • Search Administrator: Provides access to create, save, edit, and review searches across the entire archive.
  • Exporter: Provides access to view and export the results of saved searches that have been explicitly shared with the individual user. Exporters only have access to exports that are requested by the individual user.
  • Reviewer: Provides access to view the results of saved searches that have been explicitly shared with the individual user. Reviewers are unable to download or send the results from the application.
  • End User: Provides access to MyArchive functionality which limits access to archived assets associated with the logged in users' listed email addresses.

Single User Creation:

To create a user navigate to Archiving control panel > Users > New > User
New User

On the next page, take following steps to create a user:

  1.  Populate Basic Info to create a user:        
    • Username 
    • First and Last name
    • Email address (type it twice) 
  2. Specify Contact email twice and check the box Send welcome email
  3. Click Add to select roles for the user. You may select several roles at one time:
    • Administrator
    • Admin Only
    • Compliance Officer
    • Search Administrator
    • Exporter
    • Reviewer
    • End User
  4. Click Save

Multiple Users Creation:

The archive offers you the possibility to create users in bulk. First off, you will need to create CSV file with the users' information and upload it to the archive. You may use CSV template from Archiving control panel > Users > New > CSV > download CSV template.


Once you have created the CSV file with the desired information, go to the Users > New > CSV > Browse

On the next page, choose your CSV file and upload it.

Users created via CSV upload will all be given the End User role by default and can be given additional roles once created in the UI.

If the file is not using the template headers or otherwise not properly formatted, the system will be unable to process the file.