This article provides an overview of setting up Office 365 and Intermedia Standalone Email Archiving to work together.

Configure SMTP Collector

First, you will need to setup the SMTP collector in the Archive user interface:

  1. Login to HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > navigate to Services > Standalone Email Archiving > click Manage Archive.
  2. Click Admin on the top right > Collectors tab > Select Configure SMTP collector. This screen will display your unique Journal address.
    Configure SMTP collector
  3. Copy this email address.

Configure Your Microsoft Office 365 Environment

  1. Navigate to Admin center > select Exchange.

  2. Select Compliance Management > Journal Rules > click the + icon to add a new rule
  3. Specify the settings for your new journal rule and click save
    Configure Journal rule

When journaling is enabled, a copy of every message sent/received will be sent via SMTP to the archive.