The following issues are most likely connected to push notifications misconfiguration:

  • Incoming calls don't come through
  • Call notification is shown for a brief moment, making it impossible to pick up the call

Most of the Push Notification issues are being caused by the lack of permissions given to the Intermedia Unite app on your mobile device. We suggest to check the following permissions and app restrictions mentioned below. For more information, please, refer to Intermedia Unite mobile application permissions.


iOS: Settings > Intermedia Unite

  • Contacts (for Contacts sync)
  • Microphone
  • Background app refresh
  • Mobile data
  • Notifications > Alow Notifications
  • Local Network (for iOS 14.x+, might be missing on some Wi-Fi networks)


General Android instructions

1. Settings > Apps > Intermedia Unite the essentials are:

  • App Permissions
    • Contacts
    • Microphone
    • Phone
    • Storage
  • App Data Usage
    • Mobile Data
    • Wi-Fi
    • Background data
  • Advanced > Battery > Background restriction
  • Check Optimize battery usage setting
    • Settings > Apps > Tap the Menu icon (three dots upper-right) > Special access > Optimize battery usage > Tap the Dropdown menu (at the top) > tap All > scroll to Intermedia Unite > Disable

Note: the path and the options may vary depending on the Android UI

Intermedia Unite Application Settings

Sometimes the Push Notifications performance can be better after you disable Enable native calls option:

Open Settings Screen (gear icon on the Main Screen):

  • Go to Settings
  • Disable Enable native calls
  • Terminate the application and relaunch it
  • Attempt to replicate the Push notification behavior

Gather diagnostic logs

In a rare case if the applied permissions do not fix the issue, do not hesitate to send your feedback through Mobile app. Read Knowledge Base article on gathering diagnostic logs for Intermedia Unite Mobile App for instructions for iOS and for Android. Please append your feedback with several details:

  • what exactly happens, i.e. calls drop, unable to place a call, line is breaking up, etc.
  • what network connection you use, i.e. Wi-Fi, cellular data (provider), VPN connection, etc.
  • kindly specify the exact time or at least the timeframe when the issue happened the last time considering this was captured by the logs

Contact Support team and provide with the information gathered.