Important: For compatibility with desk phones check the phone manufacturer's compatibility guides and/or Poly website, it might require additional devices (such as EHS adapter/cable) for the full functionality to work.

Integration of Poly (Plantronics) headsets with Intermedia Unite allows you to use them with Intermedia Unite Desktop Application by picking up and ending calls by pressing the appropriate button on the headset if this button is present.

How to Set Up Intermedia Unite Desktop Application To Work With Poly (Plantronics) Headsets

  1. Make sure that the Hub (Poly (Plantronics) software) is running on your computer;
    Download Plantronics Hub for Windows/Mac
  2. Open Intermedia Unite Desktop Application and click your profile picture in the lower-left corner;
  3. Click Application settings and check if your Intermedia Unite Desktop Application is set to run in Softphone mode. If it's not, switch it into the Softphone mode and click Save Changes.

  4. Click Audio Settings in the left menu and select Poly (Platronics) devices for a Speaker and a Microphone. The status of the Poly headset integration should say Enabled
    Note: if the status of the Poly headset integration says Disabled, it means that the Hub (Poly (Platronics) software) isn't running. 

Poly Headset Features

Blackwire Series

In-line Controls:

  • Answer / Hang up
  • Volume up
  • Volume down
  • Mute​

These buttons correctly trigger their respective actions on Poly VVX and Yealink T4XS desk phones.

Savi Series

  • Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

Note: Active Noise Canceling is only available on the Savi 8220, as the 8210 has only one earpiece.

  • Microphone Volume Booster
  • Incoming Ringer


Q: Poly headset integration says Enabled but does not function?

Some users reported they needed to reinstall the app then the integration feature worked properly. Try first logging out and in to the app. Try reinstalling the app if this does not help.

Q: I have my Poly (Plantronics) device plugged in, but I cannot answer a call with it, what's wrong?

A: Check if the status of integration in the Audio settings tab says Enabled. Also, make sure that Poly (Plantronics) hub software is running and Poly (Plantronics) device is chosen as a speaker in Audio settings. 

Q:  I have all calls on hold and when I press the button on Poly (Plantronics) device, nothing happens. Why?

A: In the current version of the application you can't resume calls or end a call on hold.

Q: Can I reject a call from my Poly (Plantronics) device?

A: This feature is not available in the current version of the app. 

Q: Can I handle a three-way call with my Poly (Platronics) device?

A: This feature is not available in the current version of the app. 

Q: Why do I hear one ringtone from my Poly (Platronics) device and another one from a different device?

A: This means that your Poly (Plantronics) device has its own ringtone for incoming calls. If you selected your Poly (Plantronics) device as a speaker in Intermedia Unite Desktop Application and a different device is set as a default audio device, then the audio notification about an incoming call goes through the default audio device. You can switch off Intermedia Unite Desktop Application audio notifications about incoming calls in the Application settings tab, however, they won't turn back on automatically, when you unplug the device. You can also change the default audio device on your PC.

Q: Poly headset integration says it's disabled, however, the Poly (Platronics) Hub is running on my computer. What's wrong?

A: It may take some time for the Intermedia Unite Desktop Application to update the status of integration. However, as soon as you turned on Poly (Plantronics) Hub, you will be able to answer an incoming call or end an active call. 

Q: Is it possible to use the Poly Savi 8210/8220 on my deskphone without the EHS?

A: Yes, though this does require additional steps and may not be suitable for all situations. Please contact Intermedia for assistance with this. Additionally, this will only work for with deskphones that have an available USB port. If this option is utilized, then PC/Mac based softphones will not be available for use with the headset. USB port expanders are not recommended.