Admins of Intermedia Unite accounts may have the need to take hardware which was purchased on one Intermedia Unite account but is no longer being used on that account, and use that hardware on another Intermedia Unite account.

This need can be met by a process which allows a device to be removed from the original account, and then used as an Enhanced BYOP device on another account. This process will be limited to devices which are no longer under warranty (and which do not have an active rebate penalty liability). Devices which are still under warranty are currently not eligible for movement between accounts.

Removing a Device from Account for Use as Enhanced BYOP

To request the removal of a device from an account, so the device can be re-used as an Enhanced BYOP device on another account, please use the following steps:

  1. Device should be left on existing account, assigned to any user or service it is currently assigned to, to start the process
  2. You will submit an Extended Services Request (ESR) for removal of the hardware:
    1. Access Extended Services from the Support page in the HostPilot
    2. (Select) Service Name: Intermedia Unite: Remove purchased devices from account
    3. Additional Fields (Provide MAC Address for each device to be removed, and a callback number):
      1. Name: Device Serial Number / MAC
      2. Hint: Serial Number / MAC of Device to be Removed  (Required)
      3. Name: Callback Number
      4. Hint: Telephone number of resource who will work with support to re-configure the device(s) 
    4. Submit Extended Services Request
  1. Support will validate device can be removed and will contact you
    1. Support will verify that device is out of warranty period
    2. Support will verify that device is not subject to rebate penalties
    3. Support will notify you that the device is ready for removal from account
  2. You will prepare the device(s) for removal
    1. You should record admin password for account
    2. You will perform factory reset on device
      1. This will remove admin password from device, to ensure device can be configured on new account
      2. This will help minimize possibility of issues when adding device back on as a BYOP device
    3. You will use HostPilot to unassign device from any user or service the device is assigned to
      1. Device will show lock symbol on device page in HostPilot when completed
    4. You will contact Support to let them know device is ready for removal
  3. Support will contact you to notify you that the device is ready for setup in new account
    1. Device has now been removed from the account, and can be assigned as an enhanced BYOP device on the new account


Q: Can this process be used for devices which are under warranty, or which have an active rebate obligation?

A: No - this process removes the device from the account, but will not update any warranty or rebate information. Phones with active warranty or rebate obligations cannot currently be removed from the account.

Q: A device was purchased on an account, but no longer shows up as available for assignment on that account. How can I tell if the device was removed/transferred from the account?

A: Please contact Support for any questions about devices which have been removed from an account.