This Extended service allows you to completely replace the Cloud Server virtual machine with the backup. All modifications and files uploaded after the backup will be discarded. Some of the backups may not be available for restoration and the Backup Administrators team will let you know what backups are available. Most restores are completed within 2 business days. Some restores may take longer.

Note: during the restore, Cloud Server will be shut down.

Upon submitting this request, you will have to enter the name of the Cloud Server and the day to restore it from.

Note: Cloud Server is backed up on a daily basis with the default retention policy of one week included in the price of the server, and maximum retention policy of 4 weeks.

To check the current retention policy of your Cloud Server, navigate to:

  1. HostPilotĀ® Control Panel > Services > Cloud Server
  2. Select Modify Server next to the desired server

    Modify Server
  3. You will see the current retention policy next to Server Backup Retention Policy

    Retention Policy

To modify the retention policy for your server, choose a necessary period from the drop-down in the Change configuration table and click Modify Current Configuration to save changes.

Change retention policy

Note: changes of Backup Retention Period do not require a server restart.