The new 3-way calling feature in Intermedia Unite Desktop Application allows you to add 3rd person to any active call.

3-way calling feature works only when Intermedia Unite Desktop Application is in the Softphone Mode. For 3-way calling in Intermedia Unite Mobile Application and when using hardware phones (Call Controller mode), see the following articles:

How to initiate a 3-way (conference) call

  1. Start a regular call with one of your contacts or any external number1
  2. Click Add Call on the active call bar 2
  3. Select a contact to start a call with or enter a number to call 3
  4. The first call will be put on hold. To start a 3-way call click Merge Calls 4
  5. To split the call back in two, click Split Call 5


Q: Can I add an external number to the call?

A: Yes, there is no limitation: you can add internal or external users. Also, it has no matter where other users are calling from (desktop apps, mobile app, mobile or hardware phones). 

Q: How can I use this feature, if I selected the Call Controller mode?

A: This option is available on your hardware device.  

Q: I was joined to a 3-way call, but it looks like a usual one. Why?

A: Only the User, who initiated the call sees this call as 3-way call. For other Intermedia Unite users, it looks like the usual one.

Q: I was joined to 3-way call. Can I invite another person to this call using the same option?

A: Yes, if you are not the initiator of the 3-way call, you can add 4th person to this call. 

Q: I have started 3-way call. Now I need to go. Can other members continue to talk without interruption?

A: Unfortunately, due to realization details, it is not possible to leave started by you call without ending call for all recipients.

Q: I have initiated 3-way call and put it on hold. Other members are unable to hear each other. Why?

A: In fact, a person who initiates a 3-way call is becoming a host of this call. They are mixing all audio streams on his computer. So, his behavior defines a call behavior. 

Q: I have started a 3-way call and want to continue conversation only with one user from this call. Can I do it?

A: Yes, you are able to split the existing 3-way call. It will turn into two separate calls. 

Q: Can I be an initiator of more than one 3-way call at the same time?

A: Yes, you can be an initiator of two calls.